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Denver Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer

Motorcycle Accidents in Denver, Colorado

A motor vehicle accident can be devastating without the proper precautions. As a result, manufacturers create automobiles with certain safety features that mitigate some of the damage that can occur. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not equip motorcycles with the same safety features found in standard in passenger vehicles. When a motorcyclist gets in an accident, the consequences are often grave, if not fatal. The sad truth is that each year, a growing number of accidents caused by passenger vehicles involve motorcycles.

Our Motorcycle Injury Attorneys in Denver Can Help

Colorado law is clear—when you are in an accident and suffer injury or loss due to the fault of another, you deserve to be made whole. Whether that means getting a fair settlement from your insurance company or holding a negligent driver responsible for your life-threatening injuries, our skilled Denver personal injury attorneys will stand up for your rights. We will fight for your case.

At Zaner Harden Law, we understand that even before filing a claim, you must overcome the myth that the accident is the fault of a careless “daredevil” motorcyclist. In reality, motorcyclists tend to be much safer in their driving habits than other drivers. They understand the increased vulnerability that comes from having fewer safety features. Therefore, we will advocate for you, so everyone knows the truth about the accident.

Reach out to a Denver motorcycle accident lawyer if you or a loved one is injured. Our firm can explain your rights and the process of filing a claim to recover the cost of:

  • Hospital bills,
  • Medical expenses,
  • Lost wages, and
  • Other repercussions caused by the accident.

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