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Aurora Personal Injury Lawyer

You might have a right to compensation if you’ve been involved in an accident in Aurora, CO. The individual or entity responsible for your accident might owe you for medical expenses, lost income, and emotional pain.

The seasoned Aurora personal injury lawyers at Zaner Harden Personal Injury Lawyers are here to help maximize your claim.

With an enviable track record, our legal team boasts decades of combined experience in personal injury law. We are determined to use our vast knowledge for your benefit. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Contact us today at (720) 613 9706 for a free consultation with an Aurora personal injury attorney. Remember, we work on a contingency basis. This means you pay nothing unless we win money for you.

How Zaner Harden Law Can Help You After an Accident in Aurora, CO

How Zaner Harden Law Can Help You After an Accident in Aurora, CO

Your insurance company may only sometimes have your best interests at heart.

They might undervalue your claim or even reject it.

But with an experienced legal team, you can ensure you get what you deserve.

When you choose Zaner Harden Law in Aurora, Colorado, you can expect the following:

  • Award-winning legal counsel and exceptional client service
  • Thorough investigations to gather crucial evidence
  • Collaborations with Aurora’s top experts to validate your claim
  • A detailed calculation of your damages
  • Skillful negotiations with insurance companies
  • Court representation if a fair settlement isn’t reached

Choose Zaner Harden Law, and let our proficiency work in your favor. Call our Aurora personal injury lawyers today for a free, no-risk consultation.

How Common Are Accidents in Aurora, CO?

Like any growing city, Aurora has its share of accidents. They can range from vehicular mishaps and assaults to workplace incidents. Let’s take a closer look at some Colorado personal injury stats in Colorado. 

Between 2008 and 2010, a tragic number of people, 107 Coloradans, lost their lives due to domestic violence. For older adults in Colorado, accidental falls are the primary reason for hospitalizations due to injuries.

Another concern is related to workplace safety. In 2008, there were 4,597 workers who had to take time off because they got sick or hurt at work. These are known as “lost-time claims.” They mean that workers had to miss three or more days of work, or they got a permanent injury.

When people get hurt at work in Colorado, transportation issues are the top reason workers lose their lives while on the job in the state. Fifteen out of every 100 workers in Colorado have careers in areas with a higher chance of sustaining fatal injuries.

What Is My Aurora Personal Injury Case Worth?

Every case is unique, but several factors determine its value:

  • Severity of injuries
  • Past and upcoming medical expenses
  • Lost wages and potential future earnings
  • Existence of any disability
  • Pain and suffering endured
  • Insurance coverage limitations
  • Your role, if any, in the accident

To best estimate the value of your case, consult with our Aurora personal injury lawyers.

What Kind of Damages Are Available to Personal Injury Victims in Aurora?

If you or someone you know has been hurt because of someone else’s actions, you might wonder what kind of help you can get. When discussing this help, we often refer to “damages.” Damages are the money someone can get to compensate for the harms and losses they face.

The two main categories of damages injured people can ask for are called economic and non-economic damages. Punitive damages may be awarded in rare cases as well, but only if the at-fault party acted outrageously – such as with an intent to harm you.

Economic Damages

Economic damages have a clear dollar amount attached to them. Think of them like bills you can see and touch.

Let’s say you got hurt and had to go to the doctor. The bill you get? That’s an economic damage. If you had to miss work and lost some paychecks, that money you lost is also economic damage. 

Money for fixing your car, house, or anything else damaged? All of these fit into the category of economic damages.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are harder to pay an exact dollar amount because they deal with things you feel and experience but can’t always see.

Imagine you got hurt, and now you’re scared to do things you used to love, or you can’t enjoy your hobbies anymore. Maybe you’re having a hard time sleeping or just sad a lot. All these feelings – the pain, the sadness, the fear – they’re all non-economic damages. 

They cover the pain you feel, both physically and in your heart, and anyway, your life has changed for the worse because of the injury.

Why Are These Damages Important?

It’s simple. Getting hurt can change your life in many ways. You might have bills to pay and be unable to work as you did before. On top of that, it’s about more than just money. It’s about how you feel, your happiness, and your life. By understanding these damages, you can get the support you need to move forward and hopefully find a way to heal and return to being yourself.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire an Aurora Personal Injury Lawyer?

Hiring a lawyer might seem overwhelming when you or someone you know gets hurt. You’re probably asking, “How much will this cost me?” At Zaner Harden Law, we understand your concerns and are here to help.

What Is a Contingency Fee? 

We use something called a “contingency fee” system. This might sound complicated, but it’s pretty simple.

Instead of paying us upfront or every time we do something for you, our payment depends on the outcome of your case. If we help you win, and you get money, we get paid a portion. But here’s the best part: If we don’t succeed and you don’t get any money, you won’t owe us a single penny in attorney’s fees.

Teaming Up With Us

We aim to ensure you’re treated fairly and fight hard for that. We’re as dedicated to your case as you are. We’re taking on the risk using the contingency fee system, so you don’t have to. So, when thinking about costs, remember: with Zaner Harden Law, we’ve got your back. 

Can I Recover Compensation if I’m Being Blamed for an Accident in Colorado?

Accidents happen, and sometimes it’s not just one person’s fault. In Aurora and all across Colorado, our laws understand that. So, don’t be discouraged if you’re worried because someone says the accident was partly your fault. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Colorado’s Comparative Fault Rule?

Colorado has what we call a “modified comparative fault” rule. What does that mean for you? It means that even if you had a part in causing the accident, you can still get money to help with your bills and injuries. But there’s a catch.

How Does This Rule Affect My Compensation?

Let’s break it down in simple terms. Say, for example, after all the details are looked at, it’s decided that you were 20% at fault for the accident. And let’s say your total damages (like medical bills, car repairs, and lost wages) added up to $10,000. 

Because of that 20% fault, the money you can get would be reduced by 20%. So, instead of $10,000, you would receive $8,000.

There is also a 50% bar to recovery rule in place under state law. You cannot recover compensation if you are found to be at least 50% responsible for your accident. 

So, What Should You Do?

If you’re in an accident in Aurora or anywhere in Colorado, and you’re worried about being blamed, don’t panic. Talk to a trusted Aurora personal injury lawyer like ours at Zaner Harden Law. We can help you understand your rights, guide you through the process, and fight to get you the most compensation possible. 

Just because you might have been partly at fault doesn’t mean you should bear all the costs. Let us help you get what’s fair.

How Do I Prove Negligence After an Accident in Colorado?

To prove negligence after an accident, you need to show four things:

  1. Duty: The person had a responsibility, like drivers obeying traffic laws.
  2. Breach of Duty: They didn’t do their duty. For instance, a driver ignored a stop sign.
  3. Causation: The mistake directly and proximately caused the accident.
  4. Damages: There was actual harm or damage, like medical bills or car repairs.

At Zaner Harden Law, we dig deep to gather all the evidence, strengthening your case.

How Long Do I Have To File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Colorado?

You usually have two years from the accident date to start a lawsuit in Colorado under the state’s statute of limitations. 

However, specific situations might change this timeframe. Always consult a lawyer to determine the correct filing time limit for your case. If you submit your lawsuit too late, you will lose your legal right to pursue compensation from the at-fault party.

Contact Our Aurora Personal Injury Lawyers for a Free Consultation

If you’ve faced an accident in Aurora, CO, let Zaner Harden Law be your voice. Our trusted Aurora personal injury lawyers are ready to support you. 

Schedule a free consultation today, and let us pave your road to justice. Contact us at 720-809-7417.

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