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Why Do You Need To Hire a Trial Lawyer in Boulder?

Your Story Will be Told

At our law firm clients come first. We don’t spend money or our resources advertising and we don’t concern ourselves with our public image. What we care about are our clients and delivering results. That is why you will meet with one of the founding partners when you first contact us and tell us your story – no associate, no investigator, just Mr. Harden or Mr. Zaner. While this injury may very well be the most daunting and debilitating part of your life, we also know that it is only one part of your life. We understand that every case is different and in order to best represent you and tell your story, we need to know our clients, not just their file.

Limited Cases

The only way to give you the most individualized representation and unfettered access to our firm’s partners is to limit the amount of cases we accept. We don’t have leagues of associates because we know that as a client you want the very best representing you – not the fresh kid out of law school. That’s why we turn cases down every day – to make sure we can spend the time needed on the cases we accept.

Results Matter

We invite you to look at our partner’s bios. They have excelled at every step in their legal career. From gaining top honors in law school, to working for a federal judge, to securing tens of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts across the country. They have written cutting edge legal articles, tried and won cases at every level of the Colorado Courts, authored federal case law and taken on the biggest and most powerful corporations in America. There is one unifying them throughout their careers – they win.

National and Local Leaders of Personal Injury Law

Part of being a great trial lawyer and the consummate advocate for your clients requires a higher level of commitment to the craft. Both partners are heavily involved in both the State and National Trial Lawyers Associations – the Colorado Trial Lawyers’ Association and the American Association of Justice. While some lawyers sit in their office and just try to settle cases, the partners at ZHL continuously seek to stay ahead of the evolving methods of practicing injury law to best represent their clients. By serving in various leadership positions at these Trial Lawyer organizations, the partners stay ahead of the curve of new trial techniques to ensure their clients are getting the maximum value out of their case.

Another major component of these organizations is helping to make sure that folks injured in accidents have access to the courts. This is done through fundraising and working with members of Congress to ensure bad legislation is defeated and good legislation is passed.

Towards this end, Marc currently serves as Co-Chair for the Eagle committee of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association and was recently recognized as raising the most money within the State to help fight these battles in Denver on the hill.

True Trial Lawyers

The thought of going to trial scares a lot of folks with a claim. And that’s OK. Most cases never go to trial; in fact, most cases don’t even end up filed in court as a lawsuit. A good percentage of cases are resolved through shrewd negotiation without having to file a lawsuit. Because of this, some people don’t want a trial lawyer to represent. This would be a mistake.

Whether you hire us or another law firm, make sure to do your homework and hire a bona-fide trial lawyer. If you just hire a “settlement” lawyer, the insurance adjustors and defense attorneys will not respect you, your attorney, or your claim. They know that the “settlement” attorney is just looking to make a quick buck and will settle your case for pennies on the dollar.

A true trial lawyer devotes himself to the practice and perfection of his craft and lets the world know it. He prepares each case from the time it begins as if it will eventually go to trial. This puts the client in the best position, at every step of the way, to settle the case for the maximum value. If you have are one of the few that go to trial, you can b`e confident you have the best at your side. If you are one of the many that settle before a trial, you can be confident you have optimized your case by having a true trial lawyer by your side. Either way, you win.

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