“We understand that every case is different with a unique set of circumstances and a personal story behind it. We represent a limited number of clients to ensure that your story will be told.”

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A different kind of law firm. You have many choices in selecting an attorney – there are attorneys who advertise on television, attorneys who advertise on billboards, and attorneys that have been practicing law so long they see their clients merely as a “file” or a future settlement. At our law firm, we don’t spend our time and resources on advertising, nor have we grown numb to the plight of our clients. Our focus is simple – helping our clients win their case and get their life back on track.

Best in the West. You deserve the best lawyers in Colorado, the West, even the Country.   Our awards and recognitions speak for themselves – Colorado Trial Lawyers’ New Trial Lawyer of the Year, Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Top 100 National Trial Lawyers, Super Lawyers, and the list goes on.  Our peers have appointed us to leadership positions in both the Colorado Trial Lawyer’s Association (CTLA) and the preeminent national trial lawyer’s organization – the American Association of Justice (AAJ). Marc and Kurt serve on the board of CTLA and Kurt was elected national Treasurer of the NLD division of AAJ. We lead from the front.

Results matter.  We have fought and won settlements and verdicts across the country where others have failed or decided the fight was too big to fight.  Licensed in Colorado and Florida, with cases across the country, the partners have amassed millions of dollar of recoveries by delivering courageous and relentless representation.  We have tried cases and won cases at every level of Colorado Courts and we have earned the admiration and respect of judges and defense lawyers alike. We have recently been featured on Good Morning America, World News Tonight, the front page of the Denver Post, and nearly every local news channel.  Click the headlines at the top of this page or click on the “In the News” tab to learn more.

The choice is yours. We understand that our law firm isn’t the best fit for every client – if you are looking for the lawyer who began practicing in the 1940s and has lost his zeal for the law, or the attorney that spends the most on advertising, we advise you to look elsewhere. But if you are looking for the law firm who fights with the most passion for its clients, who has the verdicts, settlements, and accolades to back them up, and who has revolutionized the way personal injury law is practiced, then you need look no further. At ZHL, we carefully screen and limit the number of clients we accept so that you will have full access to all of our firm’s award-winning attorneys, fighting for you every step of the way.

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Why Hire the Zaner Harden Trial Lawyers

Results matter. Regardless of how much you like your attorney, you need to know that they have the firepower and results to back them up. Our results speak for themselves. We have tried and won cases at every level of the Colorado courts, in Denver, Aspen, and all along the front range.  Whether the case involves an injury, or the death of a loved one, you will need the best personal injury or  Wrongful Death attorney to represent you.  Our settlements and verdicts total in the tens of millions of dollars. We have been awarded accolades and membership into the most prestigious trial lawyer organizations. We know how to win.

Recognized Leaders in Personal Injury Law. In their limited free time, the partners choose to spend it perfecting their craft by working with trial lawyers across the state and across the country to stay current with the most innovative trial and legal techniques to benefit their clients. In Colorado, Marc serves on the board of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association and recently won the New Trial Lawyer of the Year Award. Kurt serves on the Board of Governors for the NLD committee of AAJ – the National Trial Lawyers organization. Both partners have been published, both in the state and national publications, and Kurt currently serves as the publications Chair for the national AAJ publication “The SideBar.”

True Trial Lawyers. Your case may never go to trial. While some clients want their stories told to a jury, for others, the thought of going to trial is intimidating and unpleasant. The truth is, regardless of which group you fall into, you create your best chance at a successful outcome when you put your case into the capable hands of a confident, aggressive, and skilled trial lawyer.

This is because most cases do not go to trial. But with a true trial lawyer by your side from the start, you create the conditions for the best possible outcome prior to trial. A true trial lawyer
creates risk to your opponent – whether it be an insurance company or a district attorney – risk of an outstanding result for you and an embarrassing loss to your opponent if your case goes to trial and is heard by a jury. If you want to settle, this is how you get the best offer.

Don’t just hire a settlement lawyer. If you hire a lawyer that does not try cases, or doesn’t try them well, you are hiring just another “settlement” lawyer. The insurance companies and prosecutors know these “settlement” lawyers well, and they know these lawyers do not present any threat or risk. If they know that you will never go to trial, or that you pose no real threat at trial, they will only present low-ball offers and bad deals; this is because they know that settlement lawyers don’t have the chops, willpower, or talent to hold them accountable.

With a true trial lawyer by your side, you optimize your chances for a great result without ever having to step foot into a courtroom. A true trial lawyer prepares every case as if there is
the real possibility of trial for their client. A true trial lawyer loves his craft and pours his heart into winning the case for his client. A true trial lawyer helps his client find the courage to reject the low ball offers and bad deals because he is confident that he will prepare his case and client well for trial.

Insurance companies and prosecutors know who these true trial lawyers are and they know they cannot be bullied. If your case is one of the few that has to go to trial, you can be confident that you are protected by the very best at trial law. While we will do everything we can to get you the settlement or deal that you want before trial, we are ready and willing to go to trial on your behalf if it becomes necessary. We love what we do and we take our dedication to our craft seriously. We have the results and experience to back it up and we welcome the opportunity to fight for you.

Whether you want to settle your case before trial, or have your day in court, you will want a true trial lawyer by your side, every step of the way.

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