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5 of the Most Common Summer Injuries

With summer in full swing, the time has never been better to enjoy the gorgeous, warmer weather. With options from relaxing picnics, to family-friendly pool days, for most, getting outside with friends and family is definitely in the cards.


However, with longer days, more play time, and more active activities, the risk of injury can definitely increase as summer unfolds. 


Knowing which injuries happen most often can help you to be more cautious, avoid injuries in the first place, and understand which activities may require an increased level of supervision. 


A few of the most common injury types include: 


Bike Rides 

When beautiful weather hits, it’s not rare for adults, children and families to want to feel the breeze while partaking in a relaxing bike ride.


While this can be an incredibly fun and rejuvenating activity, it can also be one that can cause injury if one isn’t careful. Sprains, broken bones, scraped knees, and even spinal issues can all be caused by falls off of a bike, or a bike crash.


This makes it even more important to wear safety equipment and, more than anything, to be aware. 



What’s more fun than getting some major air while jumping up and down on a trampoline? Doing tricks, getting exercise and enjoying the feel of less gravity can be a blast for children and adults alike.


However, trampolines can be a major culprit when it comes to summertime injuries.


Between fall risks, hitting a trampoline’s metal pieces, and the possibility of getting stuck in between springs and the frame, it can be easy to lose sight of safety and find yourself injured.


Water Injuries

There are a number of different water activities that can be considered quintessential when it comes to summer. These can include jet skiing, swimming, boating, surfing, rafting and more.


While these activities can be a blast, it’s incredibly important to stay aware while you’re having fun, since there are a number of potential injuries that can happen in this category.


Everything from accidental drownings, injuries due to crashes, sprains, and broken bones can occur, all the way up to more minor things like knee scrapes, hamstring strains and tendon issues. 


Car Accidents

While vehicle incidents are always something to be aware of, injuries resulting from car accidents make up one of the most common summertime injuries.


Although these can sometimes be situations involving those that were driving under the influence, many times, incidents can occur during normal road trips, rushing to get to a location, or being distracted due to car passengers.


As most understand, injuries here can range from whiplash caused by fender benders, all the way up to losses of life, making it imperative to pay close attention, respect road rules, and only drive when one is in the right state of mind. 


Slips and Falls

With increased activities centered around water, summertime is one of the most important times of the year to be aware of your surroundings when it comes to H2O.


This can be due to a number of reasons, including summer rains that cause slippery sidewalks, pool decks that are suddenly soaking, and even wearing the wrong kind of footwear while in outdoor spaces and/or participating in outdoor activities.


More than anything, the best way to prevent these injuries is to be ultra cognizant of one’s surroundings, paying close attention to areas that are potential slipping hazards, items that could be potential tripping sources, and ensuring that the proper gear and footwear is worn according to your location. 


Although summer can be one of the most fun times of the year, it can also be one of the most notorious times for injuries.


Enjoy the warm weather and variety of activities available during the season, but be sure to be aware, cautious and most of all, safe. This can help you to prevent injuries, make the most of your summertime, and have fun!


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