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Child Injury

Clergy Abuse Within the Archdiocese of Colorado

In April 2021, Colorado legislators concluded an investigation into the extent of priest abuse. Lawmakers passed a new bill eliminating the deadline to file civil claims on sexual abuse by clergy members. This law now applies to cases of child and sexual abuse as well. Zaner Harden Law has partnered with James, Vernon & Weeks, […]

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Warning Devices Insufficient to Prevent Injuries to Kids Left behind in Cars

  It is the leading cause of non-accident automobile-related fatalities for children below the age of 14 in the United States.  Over the past decade alone, close to 500 children have been killed from heatstroke when they were left behind in a locked vehicle.   With those kinds of fatality rates, you would expect that […]

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Higher risk of injury related to improper facing child car safety seat

Children who are in the wrong car safety seats for their age, height or weight specifications, or have been moved to seatbelt use far too quickly, may be at a high risk of being injured or killed in accidents. However, new research conducted by scientists at the University Of Michigan finds that many parents are […]

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