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Ski Accident

Is a ski resort responsible for skiing-related injuries on their premises?

  One of the reasons why so many people, whether they’re visitors or residents, are drawn to Colorado is our state’s natural beauty. Skiing and other winter sports attract people from far and wide to Colorado’s peaks and mountains.   But what happens when injuries occur at resorts that sell winter sporting experiences like skiing? […]

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Colorado Supreme Court Reviews Ski Safety Act in Wrongful Death Case

The Colorado Supreme Court recently heard a wrongful death case that could change the bedrock of a current state law that protects ski areas from liability in the case of injuries and deaths that occur on the slopes.   During the oral arguments, the justices grilled the lawyers involved as they weighed an important question: […]

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When Skiing Fun Results in Personal Injury

Skiing is meant for enjoyment, and many people look forward to the winter months when they can dust off their snow gear and hit the powder. While all are anticipating a time of fun activity and leisure, many do not consider the potential dangers associated with skiing. After all, if we did, we likely wouldn’t […]

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