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Slip and Fall

Difference Between Slip & Fall and Trip & Fall Accidents

Slips, trips, and falls can cause severe injuries. When a property owner is responsible for a slip & fall or trip & fall accident, they can be liable for your damages. The liability is the same whether you slipped or tripped, but it could matter as far as the injuries you sustain. What Is a […]

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Liability for slip-and-falls on ice and snow in Colorado

  When living in Colorado, you will encounter a lot of snow and ice, so you need to be extremely careful when walking on a sidewalk, in a parking lot, or anywhere else.   Property owners and managers have a responsibility to make their property as safe as possible, even when the elements are at […]

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Slips & Falls: What You Should Consider Before Letting it Go 

  Taking a spill while you’re out and about can be scary, and sometimes, even a bit embarrassing. It’s not rare for someone to want to forget the incident happened altogether, and to simply move on with their day. However, ignoring that a fall happened can cause a number of key issues.   These can […]

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Who is Liable for Injuries on Missing or Unmaintained Sidewalks in Denver?

According to a recent article in The Denver Post, City Council members have been meeting to discuss the issue of missing or unmaintained sidewalks in Denver and the risks of slip and fall injuries. Numerous neighborhoods in the city may not be safe for pedestrians, as sidewalks either are in poor states of repair or […]

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What to Do After a Slip and Fall

  A slip and fall is most commonly associated with snow or ice on a walkway, but in reality, these types of accidents can happen to anyone at any time. It’s often not the victim’s fault; slip and falls are commonly caused by the negligence of someone else.   For example, if you fall and […]

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How a Slip-and-Fall Injury is Defined

Walk into a store, slip on a wet floor that wasn’t clearly marked, become injured and it’s a slip-and-fall injury, right? It depends. Sometimes the incident is clear-cut; other times, not necessarily. It might be that there was a failure by the premises holder to maintain a safe surface; however, there can also be extenuating […]

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Simple Integrated Exercises Can Help Reduce Falls

An integrated exercise program that includes basic, simple exercises that a person can perform while he is engaging in his daily activities, can help increase balance and strength training, and reduce the risk of fall accidents involving senior citizens.   Preventing and reducing the risk of fall accidents among seniors is one of the major […]

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Review Shows Exercise Helpful in Preventing Fall Accidents among Seniors

An analysis of a wide body of research into the prevention of fall accidents involving seniors indicates that a balanced exercise program can help seniors reduce their risk of falls. The researchers reviewed 159 studies that were conducted on fall prevention programs.  The studies involved the participation of more than 79,000 seniors.  Some earlier studies […]

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Fall Accidents Lead to Post-Surgery Complications for Seniors

According to a new study, a senior citizen who has suffered a fall accident approximately 6 months before he undergoes surgery is much more likely to suffer from complications after the surgery.  Such senior citizens are also much more likely to require extended hospital stays and suffer disabilities after their surgery.   Approximately 208 patients […]

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What You Should Know About Slipping on Snow and Ice

  The ground is slippery during Colorado winters, and walking can be hazardous even if the owner of the premises has been reasonably cautious. According to OSHA, 15 percent of all accidental deaths are caused by slipping and falling. Falls are the second most common cause of accidental deaths, after automobile accidents.   If you […]

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