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7 Things Every Colorado Tourist Should Know This Summer

The mid-year months draw thousands of tourists to Colorado every year, and it’s not hard to explain why. The weather is pleasant, mountains are covered in vibrant-colored flowers (and perfect for hikers of all skill levels), and can’t-miss festivals happen nearly every weekend across the state.

There are a variety of activities for every traveler, plus beautiful weather to accompany them.

If all of these things sound dreamy, you’re not alone. Travelers come from far and wide to experience the culture and inspiring landscape of Colorado.

And although the state is a veritable paradise, there are a few things that every tourist should know (plus some must-see destinations) to ensure a memorable vacation, free of a personal injury accident.

1. The Slopes Still Have Lots to Offer in the Summer

Despite the fact that most peaks are no longer covered with snow in the summer, they still offer lots of enjoyable activities. You can choose from disc golf, yoga on the mountain top, zip lining, mountain biking, and dozens more offerings unique to each location.

You might be safe from the slip and fall accidents that novice skiers face each winter, but you’re not completely exempt from other mishaps. A ski resort accident is more likely when tourists don’t follow safety instructions, wander off designated paths, and try to push past their limits.

Use common sense when adventuring around the mountains and resorts.

2. Be “Cool as a Cucumber”

Locals are friendly, patient, and casual most of the time. With picturesque mountains on all sides and wonderful weather during the majority of the year, is that any surprise? Therefore, if a tourist comes around with a short temperature, rude attitude, or impatient actions, that person is not going to make many friends.

Instead, we recommend trying to enjoy the relaxed Colorado atmosphere.

Chat with people while waiting in a line (that you might think is taking forever), and stop to enjoy the views instead of huffing and puffing at the hiker who is traveling more slowly. You’ll probably find that it’s a welcome (and stress-relieving) change of pace.

3. The Hidden Treasures

Millions seek it, it’s off the beaten path, and it’s simply breathtaking. Hanging Lake, which is a thousand feet up Glenwood Canyon, is one of the thousands of “hidden secrets” in Colorado.

Over time, though, it gained more fame and people now find it relatively difficult to visit. The main obstacle is that the parking lot fills up before 9 am (with no alternate lots available), leaving visitors with no other parking options.

Sometimes, people leave cars along the road illegally or idle in the lot (blocking emergency exits) to wait for a space to open up.

When it comes to seeing these Colorado treasures, travelers unknowingly get tunnel vision. In other words, they get so focused on seeing the destination, that they throw laws and logic out the window.

We understand that it’s unfortunate to get so close to a long-awaited experience, only to have to turn around; however, engaging in dangerous or illegal behaviors to see it puts your life and the lives of others in danger.

4. Watch For Walkers

Many Colorado cities are highly walkable, meaning locals and travelers alike are constantly crossing streets (sometimes outside of designated crosswalks), across driveways, and along the roads.

Out-of-state drivers aren’t accustomed to the roads and number of people on foot. The combination of these two factors can lead to a severe pedestrian accident. It’s common for these drivers to turn into a store or restaurant without looking for walkers in the sidewalk or round a corner without considering the “walk” sign.

Make it your top priority to look twice for people on foot, or you’ll need to speak with a pedestrian accident lawyer.

5. If You Indulge, Don’t Get Behind the Wheel

Whether you’re looking to explore the bars, Denver Beer Fest, or check out the dispensaries, make smart, informed decisions.

While it is legal to smoke and drink for those of age, getting in a Denver car accident when under the influence will have serious consequences. You’re not only putting your own life at risk but the lives of other innocent people as well.

If you’re unsure what the laws and regulations are in Colorado, get clarification from knowledgeable lawyers in Denver.

6. Pitch a Tent

Surround yourself with the sounds, smells, and sights of Colorado national forests in one of the scenic campgrounds. You have a range of features to choose from including:

  • Private and intimate,
  • Lakeside,
  • Bike trail-adjacent,
  • Kayaking accessible,
  • Nearby fishing,
  • Popular and well-frequented,
  • Tree-filled,
  • Close to hiking trails, and
  • Filled with wildlife.

You’ll surely be able to find the perfect campground for your preferences.

Whether you want some alone time in nature for meditation or are looking to make friends and explore. A few campsites we recommend are:

  • Turquoise Lake Recreation Area in San Isabel National Forest,
  • Pawnee Campground in Arapaho National Forest, and
  • Rosy Lane Campground in Gunnison National Forest.

The camping possibilities are exciting, but make sure you meet your food, water, and first-aid needs, though. Many of these grounds can get chilly at night as well, which makes it vital to pack appropriately.

7. Join the “Fourteeners Club”

Colorado is home to fifty-four 14,000-foot+ peaks. As you can probably guess, that’s where the “14ers club” name originated.

Natives and tourists alike strive to hike all of these mountains for bragging rights and personal achievement, but not everyone is cut out for these strenuous hikes. If you decide to take on the challenge, know your limits and put safety first.

That’s the easiest way to avoid injuries. Furthermore, you should wear proper hiking boots to avoid sprained ankles; carry more than enough water to prevent dehydration; bring protein-filled snacks to sustain you throughout the journey.

If you compromise your well-being just to reach the top, you’ll miss out on the other wondrous things Colorado has to offer.

No matter what you decide to do while vacationing, keep these bits of advice in mind. You’ll set yourself up for an amazing trip filled with irreplaceable memories.

On the other hand, if you do find yourself in a bit of trouble while traveling in Colorado, don’t hesitate to discuss your situation Boulder’s best personal injury lawyers.

Whether you are dealing with a claim for personal injury or an automobile accident, make sure to consult a reputable lawyer who has your best interests in mind.

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