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Colorado Motorist Cited after Harassment Video Goes Viral

The Colorado State Patrol has confirmed that a motorist, who was captured on video honking nonstop at a bicyclist, has incited.  The man, a 75-year-old from Erie has been ticketed for misdemeanor harassment, improper use of a horn, and impeding the flow of traffic.


Colorado State Patrol troopers believe that this was the same SUV driver, who was found harassing a pair of bicyclists on a video posted on YouTube.


The incident occurred earlier this month, when the bicyclists were riding on County Line Road north of Highway 52.  One of the bicyclists captured video footage of the SUV driver honking incessantly, and refusing to pass the bicyclists.



The footage was uploaded on YouTube, where it went viral, and garnered thousands of views.  The Colorado State Police was alerted, and launched a hunt for the motorist in the video.  He has now been identified, and cited.


This is a story that has garnered nationwide attention, and spotlighted the problem of harassment of bicyclists.  No one would claim that this is a problem that is peculiar to Colorado.


Instances of hostility between motorists and bicyclists are found all over the country, and many times, this hostility leads to serious accidents that end with injuries to the bicyclist.


For instance, an infuriated motorist may try to show his displeasure by driving his car too close to a bicyclist, possibly catching the cyclist off guard, distracting him or forcing him off the road.


A motorist may throw things at a bicyclist, and yell at him to distract him or provoke him.


These are dangerous situations that could end with the bicyclist being severely injured, or even killed.  Colorado law enforcement officers need to take a much stricter view of such harassment, especially since it has been linked to accident risks.


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