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Main Causes of Trucking Accidents: Why Do They Happen and What You Can Do to Avoid Them

what causes most semi truck accidents


Let’s face it– we’ve all had a moment where we raced past a semi truck to avoid its presence. Driving alongside a truck on the freeway can be intimidating; it’s enormous, it can move fast, and it seems like it takes up a significant portion of the road.


Due to their massive size and weight, trucking accidents are far more dangerous than regular auto accidents, since a standard automobile weighs around 4,000 and a truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Yikes.


It is important that not only truck drivers are aware of the dangers presented by their large and unwieldy vehicles, but also other drivers use extra caution in their presence. The following are common situations that can cause or contribute to commercial truck accidents:


Bad Weather

An untrained driver or a driver that is not alert will inevitably run into trouble on the road when they have to face conditions out of their control such as rain, snow, sleet, and ice. Driving in these circumstances is difficult for truckers since the weight of their vehicle makes stopping quickly harder and more dangerous.

Truck drivers need to know and adhere to appropriate speeds that prevent things like hydroplaning, jackknifing, and skidding to avoid the highway from becoming a giant slip and slide.


Poor Maintenance

Trucks go through a lot of wear and tear from their frequent cross-country road trips. It is necessary for trucking companies, drivers, and maintenance teams to regularly service trucks and make sure they are in tip-top shape. The driver must examine their vehicle at the beginning of their shifts and report any issues they may notice since the malfunction of a critical mechanism can result in a fatal accident.


Poor maintenance also includes the occurrence of equipment malfunctions: the company that manufactures the faulty or defective piece of equipment may be liable for the failure of the mechanism that caused the accident. This is something you’ll want to avoid.


Driver Error

The common cause of truck accidents? The passengers in standard vehicles– not the truck driver. This isn’t to say that truck drivers aren’t responsible for some of the fatalities on the road. If a truck driver is impaired, distracted, or falling asleep at the wheel, accidents will inevitably happen. Truck drivers must be defensive and alert when on the road; and safety should always come first.



If the cargo on the truck has been loaded improperly, this can result in an accident. There are specific measurement limits to a load and methods of securing cargo that is key to preventing an accident. Up-and-coming monitoring technology helps to avoid improper cargo loading, but it is still essential that the teams that load the cargo and the truck’s driver are on the lookout at all times.


Trucking accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, not just here in Colorado. The best thing you can do is make yourself aware of any potential dangers and take reasonable precautions against them. Whenever you or a loved one has been in a trucking accident, it is crucial you seek the advice and counsel of a qualified, experienced attorney.


The lawyers at  Zaner Harden Law are available to answer your questions, walk you through the process of filing a suit and getting you any compensation you deserve.


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