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Major Causes of Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents in Denver, CO

A study performed by the Strategic Organizing Center found that, in 2021, nearly one in five Amazon delivery drivers were injured on the job. 

On the surface, it’s natural to see such a statistic as the kind of thing that would put Amazon out of business. But despite how hard the e-commerce titan pushes its drivers to complete on-time deliveries, it typically evades responsibility for crashes by claiming that drivers are not its employees.

Amazon may get itself off the hook thanks to legal loopholes, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t getting hurt in Amazon truck accidents. And it’s vital to know what factors are leading to these incidents.

The following are some of the major causes of Amazon delivery truck accidents in Denver, CO:


Amazon delivery drivers are on a tight schedule. Often, they need to deliver hundreds of deliveries in a single day. And that means they generally don’t have a second to spare. In fact, as it turns out, it is mathematically impossible for a driver to make all their deliveries on time while obeying the speed limit. 

As such, just as speeding is a common cause of car accidents for everyone, it is a major cause of delivery truck accidents.

Tired Driving

Delivery truck drivers are often required to complete their rounds before finishing their workday, regardless of how long it takes. And that is a work condition that can easily result in drowsy driving. Even if a driver only works a full eight hours, that shift often lacks meaningful breaks, which also contributes to feelings of fatigue.

Distracted Driving

One of the more common distractions that Amazon drivers deal with is looking at a GPS. Of course, a GPS will prevent them from getting lost, but it requires taking their eyes off the road. And when they drive all day long following the instructions of a GPS, a lot of time is spent not looking at the road.

Another form of distraction comes in the form of Amazon bureaucracy. A driver needs to log every delivery. And though that’s something that should be done while parked, some drivers will do it on the road to save time, potentially resulting in distracted driving accidents.

Illegal Parking or Driving

Many locations don’t have a convenient place for a delivery driver to park their truck, often resulting in many Amazon trucks being parked illegally and creating unsafe driving conditions for other motorists in turn.

The hazard of an illegally parked Amazon truck can easily cause accidents. But the truck can also create a dangerous situation when its driver attempts to return to the road.

Similarly, some drivers may drive on roads that aren’t for public use or proceed the wrong way down one-way roads when trying to make a delivery.

Illegal Crossing on Foot

While an illegal on-foot crossing will rarely cause an accident with an Amazon truck itself, it is still a type of behavior that can easily cause a car accident. Many delivery drivers will park across the road from where they need to park and then cross the road to deliver their cargo.

Unfortunately, even something as seemingly minute as waiting for a light at a crosswalk may take extra time that they can’t afford. As such, some drivers will just cross illegally with little thought of the cars that are on the road around them.

Be Careful Around Amazon Trucks

Unfortunately, Amazon truck drivers are highly prone to accidents. In a place like Denver, Colorado, the best thing you can do to keep yourself safe if you see an Amazon truck is to be aware of the danger it presents and give it plenty of room.

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