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Secrets of Accident Claims Against GEICO Revealed


The Government Employees Insurance Company – GEICO – is currently the second-largest auto insurance company in the United States. GEICO’s full coverage car insurance is around 24% cheaper than its average competitor.


So, it is not surprising that GEICO insures millions of vehicles. You have likely been amused by GEICO commercials featuring the funny little green gecko. But filing an accident claim against GEICO is no laughing matter.


GEICO claims adjusters may tell you you don’t need an attorney. Yet the claims adjuster works for GEICO, not for you. You should contact an experienced Denver personal injury attorney to discuss your car accident case and protect your rights.


GEICO Secret #1 – Be Careful When Talking to a Claims Adjuster

A claims adjuster is likely to call you right away if you have been involved in a car accident with one of their insured drivers. You need to keep your conversation with them short and only reveal the most basic information. You should speak to an attorney about your case before giving a statement to the claims adjuster.


An experienced car accident attorney knows what you should and should not say to an insurance agent. Insurance company adjusters listen to your every word and may use what you tell them against you. Some of the topics you should not discuss with a claims adjuster before speaking to an attorney include:

  • What you were doing immediately before the accident
  • Whether you believe you were at fault
  • How the accident happened
  • Your medical diagnosis and treatment
  • Your medical expenses
  • How much time you missed from work
  • When you plan to return to work
  • Your pain and suffering and how your injuries may impact your life

You should not provide these details prematurely. Your personal injury attorney can prove the facts of your case when the time is right. If you speak freely to an adjuster too soon, you may say something inaccurate, or that can be used to weaken your claim.


GEICO Secret #2 – Do Not Give a Recorded Statement

It is common for insurance adjusters to ask you to give a recorded statement or ask if they have permission to record their call with you. However, even an innocent comment can be twisted and used against you later.


Do not agree to a recorded call with a claims adjuster. You do not need to give a recorded statement to be able to settle your GEICO claim. Until you file a lawsuit against them, you can refuse to give a recorded statement. In some states, it is legal for the claims adjuster to record your statement without telling you. So, remember secret #1 and be careful what you say to the claims adjuster.

GEICO Secret #3 – Your Claim May Be Worth More Than You Think


Calculating the amount of compensation you deserve can be complicated. You should not just add up the amount of your medical expenses and lost wages to determine what your claim is worth. An experienced car accident attorney will know how to calculate the value of your claim correctly. Some of the losses that may be added to your claim include:


  • Lost earnings – When valuing your claim, it is essential to calculate your past and possible future lost income correctly. Car accidents often prevent victims from working at their former capacity for many years or the rest of their lives.
  • Future medical expenses – You may need medical treatment in the future for injuries sustained in your accident. Many car accident victims need therapy or treatment for many years. Experienced personal injury attorneys know how to calculate future medical expenses accurately.
  • Miscellaneous expenses – You may have expenses caused by your accident that you have not considered. For example, you may have child-care expenses or medical equipment costs.
  • Non-economic losses – You may have emotional pain and suffering as great or greater than your physical injuries. These types of damage are not easily measured. However, an experienced accident attorney knows how to calculate non-economic losses.

Contact an attorney for help calculating the full extent of your damages.


GEICO Secret #4 – They Hope You Accept Their First Lowball Offer

The first offer the claims adjuster makes is usually the worst one. The claims adjuster will make you the lowest offer they think you might accept. It’s part of their job to protect GEICO’s profits and to pay you as little as possible.


You may have an excellent claim even if you are partially at fault in an accident. Under Colorado law, contributory negligence does not bar recovery in a personal injury case unless your share of fault is 50% or higher.


Even if the first offer seems reasonable, do not accept it without talking to an experienced personal injury attorney.


When you accept GEICO’s offer, you enter into a legally binding agreement and cannot seek additional compensation if additional injuries, damages, and expenses come to light. Some reasons you should not accept GEICO’s first offer include:

  • The first offer is usually much lower than they are willing to pay.
  • When you accept their offer, you will sign a waiver of your rights to receive additional compensation even if you incur additional expenses from the accident.
  • You may not yet know how severe your injuries are and how much your damages will be.
  • You need to consult an experienced personal injury attorney to determine what your claim is worth before accepting a settlement offer.


You need to remember that the claims adjuster works for and is protecting the interest of GEICO. Many car accident victims believe the claims adjuster’s first offer is the final offer. Do not be fooled. Contact a Colorado personal injury attorney who knows how to handle GEICO claims.


GEICO Secret #5 – You May Need to File a Lawsuit

Attorneys successfully negotiate and settle GEICO claims out of court. However, sometimes it is necessary to file a lawsuit against GEICO to get the compensation you deserve. When liability for the crash is disputed or when injuries and damages are severe, GEICO may refuse to make a reasonable settlement offer.


When this happens, it is time to file suit. Sometimes having an experienced personal injury attorney file suit on your behalf will encourage the claims adjuster to make a fair settlement offer, and a trial will not be necessary. Yet, if you need to go to trial, you want an excellent Denver personal injury attorney to represent you.


Contact a Denver Car Accident Attorney Who Knows How to Handle Your GEICO Claim

GEICO is the second largest auto insurance company in the United States, and their claims adjusters are experienced in settling claims for as little as possible. Their adjusters may tell you that you do not need an attorney.


Do not be fooled. You need an attorney who knows GEICO’s secrets and how to get you the compensation you deserve. Our experienced attorneys are experienced in Colorado personal injury law and in dealing with GEICO claims adjusters. Contact us for a free consultation today.


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