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What Does an Uber Accident Settlement Cover?

When you are in an Uber car accident, “rideshare” also means “crashshare”—hiring an attorney means you have experienced representation when negotiating a fair settlement.

Reaching a settlement with Uber, Lyft, or any other rideshare company does not have to mean settling for less. These companies and their drivers are insured, and any injuries or losses caused in an Uber car accident deserve to be covered in full.

Don’t agree to a settlement after an Uber accident without consulting an experienced rideshare accident lawyer first. A consultation with us is free, and those who go into negotiations with their own legal counsel come out with higher payouts and less personal stress than those who opt to negotiate alone. 

The attorneys at Zaner Harden Law have extensive proven results in representing car, truck, motorcycle, and other automobile cases.If you need a lawyer’s help after an Uber car accident, contact our Denver rideshare accident laywers at (720) 613-9706—you’ll find a hand reaching back to support you.

What Are Average Uber Accident Settlement Amounts?

Uber passenger accident settlement amounts can vary drastically, between minor injury payouts under $15,000 to six-digit and even multi-million dollar amounts.

The dollar differences often depend on the injuries involved and damages done, but they also hinge on whether or not the accident survivor is represented by legal counsel.

Uber’s U.S. insurance coverage appears to cap out at $1 million dollars for injuries sustained “on trip,” meaning when a passenger is in the vehicle. Many accident survivors believe that is the most they can receive, but an attorney knows that there are other options.

If your injuries and losses exceed Uber’s stated coverage amount, the law is on your side. You only need to secure an experienced rideshare accident attorney who can navigate the law, show liability, and document your damages in the form of receipts and loss calculations.

A fair Uber accident settlement can help you access the care and repairs you need—an experienced rideshare attorney is your best chance to secure that settlement.


What Can an Uber Accident Settlement Cover?

As with any auto accident, Uber crashes often cause serious injury and long-lasting damage. Those losses are classified as economic and non-economic losses.

  • Economic losses: These are often shown in receipts and tax forms. Hospital and medical bills, lost wages, lost employment or job-related benefits, and other out-of-pocket expenses fall here.
  • Non-economic losses: An attorney can help translate other losses into numbers a court can understand. Pain and suffering (both physical and psychological), emotional disruption to marriage and family stability, as well as “punitive” fees that may be charged if the crash was caused by malicious or reckless wrongdoing. 

If an Uber accident is fatal, the surviving family of the deceased person can also file for wrongful death damages. The amounts negotiated or awarded in wrongful death cases often exceed the initial offer, as these are funds meant to pay for what cannot be replaced: a human life.


Those who go into negotiations with lawyers come out with settlements over three times higher than those who represent themselves.


How Can You Hire an Uber Injury Lawyer?

Car and auto accidents are often painful and traumatic. Whether you were injured while riding in an Uber or were struck by an Uber car, recovering should be your main concern, rather than filling out paperwork and doing math on your bills and missed work.


A settlement in your favor can help you access the care and repairs you need to get back to normal. Hiring a lawyer is your best chance to secure that settlement.


According to studies done by the Insurance Research Council, those who go into personal injury negotiations with their own lawyer come out with settlements over three times higher than those who represent themselves, even after attorneys’ fees are settled. Specifically, Zaner Harden Law works on contingency fees, which means we are only paid a previously-agreed-upon percentage of what we win for you. Hear what our previous clients say about their experiences with Zaner Harden, and trust us to deliver the same dedication to you. 


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