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What Do I Do After a Bus Accident?


When you’re on a bus – whether it’s the city, tour, shuttle or school variety – you’re putting your safety into the hands of the driver and the owner of the vehicle. People tend to feel safe and secure on a bus and when driving near one because the driver is experienced and practiced.

However, accidents can and do happen, even with a skilled driver.


For example, The Mohave Valley Daily News reported that a student was injured after a school bus went off the road and crashed into a cement block in Fort Mohave. Luckily, the child in that case only suffered minor injuries, but other bus accident victims aren’t so lucky.


If you’re involved in a bus accident, your next actions can impact you, your case, and the people around you. Waiting too long or making the wrong move can affect the compensation you receive and your overall case. Check out the following tips to avoid some of the common mistakes that bus accident victims make and ensure the best possible outcome for your situation.


Make Sure You’re Safe

Everyone’s health and safety in the immediate aftermath of the accident should be your first priority. Make sure hurt people seek and receive medical attention, including yourself. Sometimes, symptoms from bus accident injuries don’t show up right away, so get checked over by a medical professional even if you feel okay.

Watch What You Say

Don’t talk about the cause of the accident or offer any apologies to anyone involved on the bus’s side, such as the driver or a bus company employee.


Anything you say can be used against you later in your case or with your insurer, even if you were just trying to be polite. Refer any questions from the bus company’s insurer to your legal representation. Both your insurer and that of the bus company are primarily interested in settling the case as quickly as possible, which means they are not looking out for your best interest.


You should report the accident to the local police. It’s always preferable for the police to hear your side of the events. In addition, if a school bus is involved, try to report the accident to the school.


Gather Information

If other people were injured in the accident, try to get their contact information because their documented injuries can help bolster your own case.


Ask for the names and contact information of any witnesses you see, and take photos of all the evidence, including the bus, other vehicles involved, the accident scene, and any visible injuries you have. Keep copies of any bills you receive that are related to the accident, and document time lost at work.


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