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How To Choose the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Denver, CO

How To Choose the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Denver, CO

Choosing a personal injury lawyer to represent you can be a daunting task. However, hiring the right lawyer can give you the best chance of success and recovering the compensation you deserve. 

If you have never hired an attorney before, the process can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know what to look for. This step-by-step guide will walk you through choosing the best Denver personal injury lawyer to handle your case.  

Determine the Type of Case You Have

Before researching lawyers, make sure you understand what type of case you have. Personal injury matters in Colorado are complex and cover many areas of law. 

Most personal injury cases involve a tort, an action or omission that causes someone else injury or harm. A tort may be intentional, such as assault, or it can be based on negligence or carelessness. Some types of cases do not involve a tort at all. 

Strict liability holds someone liable or responsible even without intent to cause harm or negligence. The two most common examples are product liability and dog bites

Dog owners are held responsible for injuries and damages their dogs cause, even if they had no idea their dog could cause harm and did nothing wrong. Manufacturers can also be held liable for defective products even if they were not careless. 

Most lawyers specialize in certain types of cases. Some personal injury claims involve more complex issues with complicated case law and statutes. A lawyer who is great at handling truck accident cases isn’t necessarily the best lawyer to hire for a case involving medical malpractice. No one lawyer can have a deep understanding of the intricacies and case law of the many areas of personal injury law. 

Make a List of Qualified Personal Injury Attorneys in Denver

Once you know the area of law your case involves, you’re ready to find Denver personal injury attorneys who handle these cases. You may want to ask friends, family, and coworkers for referrals. You don’t need to pry, but ask about their overall experience, if they felt the lawyer was thorough and listened to them, and if they were satisfied with the outcome. 

The Colorado Bar Association offers a searchable database of licensed lawyers. You can use their referral service if you want help narrowing down options. They will ask questions to help you find a lawyer who may be able to help you with your case. 

Online directories may also be helpful. Super Lawyers is a good example. It doesn’t just list attorneys in the area: high-achieving lawyers are ranked based on peer nominations and the company’s independent research. 

You can use these and other resources to create a list of good candidates. 

Research the Lawyers To Narrow Down Your List

Next, you’ll want to evaluate your list to find the best lawyers to handle your case. Ideally, you’ll want at least a few good candidates to contact when you’re done. 

Start by checking each attorney’s website. Learn about their overall approach, experience, and specializations. Do they belong to local organizations or invitation-only associations? Have they earned prestigious awards or recognition in the industry? 

You may also want to consider the size of the law firm, how long they have been around, and the resources the lawyer will have access to while handling your case. A large law firm may mean more experience and resources, but it can also mean less time devoted to your case. 

It’s a good idea to look at reviews and testimonials from former clients. Do you see an overall positive or negative trend? Do previous clients tend to have a similar opinion about the lawyer’s communication, experience, and approach? 

Finally, you may want to check for any disciplinary action that has been taken. You can check if the lawyer has been censured or disciplined through the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel. Their Attorney Search & Disciplinary History tool allows you to search using the lawyer’s name or registration number. They also maintain a list of attorneys who have been publicly disciplined and are not admitted to practice law in Colorado.

Schedule Consultations With Your Top Choices

Once you have chosen a few top lawyers on your list, you’re ready to call the law offices to set up consultations. Most personal injury lawyers provide free consultations that last for 30 to 60 minutes. 

During your initial meeting, you will tell your story. The lawyer will ask questions to learn more about what happened. Bring any documentation you have to this consultation to make sure the lawyer has the full story. 

You will have the opportunity to ask questions, too. Take advantage of the consultation to learn more about the lawyer and their track record. Ask about their experience with similar cases, how much trial experience they have, and what outcome they expect. 

The lawyer will likely give you an overview of what you should expect, their opinion about the strength of your case, and whether they think it’s likely to be successful. 

Choose a Denver Personal Injury Lawyer You Trust With Your Case

You may want to meet with a few lawyers before making your decision. The best personal injury lawyer in Denver should communicate well and appear engaged. You should feel comfortable talking to them, trusting their opinion and feeling comfortable with them handling your case going forward. 

Choosing a personal injury lawyer is a big decision. After all, they will be negotiating on your behalf and giving you legal advice you will count on to make important decisions. You should trust that the lawyer will act in your best interests to pursue the fair compensation you deserve and need to preserve your quality of life

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