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What is a Hernia?

As described by the FDA, a hernia occurs when an organ, intestine, or fatty tissue squeezes through a hole or a weak spot in the surrounding muscle or connective tissue in the abdomen. Hernias typically occur at the abdominal wall. Sometimes, a hernia can be visible as an external bulge around the lower abdomen, particularly when straining or bearing down.

denver hernia mesh injury lawyer

When a hernia occurs, it is common for patients to undergo surgery to get a hernia mesh implanted. A hernia mesh is a woven sheet of flexible mesh to patch the weakness or plug up the hole instead of stitching it. This mesh is meant to prevent a hernia from recurring in the patient. However, it is possible for complications to arise after a hernia mesh is implanted.

If complications occur, or if you have suffered from injury as a result of faulty mesh products, you have the right to take legal action, seek compensation for any and all medical expenses, lost wages, physical pain, and emotional suffering.

It is essential to understand the complications and symptoms of a failed hernia mesh and to have all of the information you need to move forward with a lawsuit.

Types of Hernias

The following are the most common types of hernias:

  1. Inguinal: occurs in the inner groin
  2. Femoral: occurs in the upper thigh/outer groin
  3. Incisional: occurs through an incision or scar in the abdomen
  4. Ventral: occurs in the general abdominal/ventral wall
  5. Umbilical: occurs at the belly button
  6. Hiatal: occurs inside the abdomen, along the upper stomach or diaphragm

Common Causes of Hernias

Most often, hernias are caused by a combination of pressure and an opening or weakness of muscle or connective tissue in the abdomen. That same pressure pushes an organ or tissue through the opening or weak spot. The muscle or tissue pushing through is what creates the external bulge that commonly occurs. Sometimes, the muscle weakness is present at birth. However, it is more commonly a later in life occurrence. Anything that causes an increase in abdominal pressure can cause a hernia; including obesity, the lifting of heavy objects, chronic diarrhea or constipation, or persistent coughing or sneezing. Improper nutrition, smoking, and overexertion can weaken muscles over time and contribute to the cause of a hernia.

Hernia Mesh Recall and Complications

The FDA has recalled many types of hernia mesh that has caused injury and illness to patients, although, some harmful recalled hernia mesh is still on the market today.

Recalled Mesh and Their Complications

  1. Kugel Hernia Mesh, manufactured by C.R. Bard. This mesh was recalled from 2005-2007 due to dangers of the mesh breaking and leading to bowel perforation or enteric fistula, which is an abnormal connection between organs.
  2. C-QUR, manufactured by Atrium. This mesh was recalled due to its cause of infection, which was brought on by inadequate sterility of the manufacturing environment.
  3. Physiomesh by Ethicon. This mesh was recalled by the manufacturer themselves due to a variety of complications and a recurrence of hernias in patients using this mesh.

Types of Hernia Mesh Facing Lawsuits

  1. Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh
  2. Proceed Surgical Mesh
  3. Prolene Hernia System
  4. C-QUR Mesh
  5. C-QUR V-Patch
  6. C-QUR Edge Mesh V-Patch
  7. C-QUR Lite Mesh V-Patch
  8. C-QUR OVT Mesh
  9. C-QUR RPM Mesh
  10. C-QUR Tacshield
  11. C-QUR Mosaic
  12. Parietex Surgical Mesh
  13. Parietex Composite Mesh
  14. Parietex ProGrip Mesh
  15. PerFix Mesh
  16. Kugel Hernia Mesh
  17. 3DMax Mesh
  18. Ventralex ST Hernia Mesh
  19. Ventralex Patch
  20. Sepramesh IP Composite Mesh
  21. Composix E/X Mesh

It is possible to take some precaution after a hernia mesh surgery. Some preventative suggestions are:

  • Eating a healthy diet with extra fiber and water intake
  • Getting plenty of exercise, including at least 90 minutes of aerobic exercise weekly
  • Refrain from smoking or using nicotine-based products
  • Avoid heavy-lifting

However, even with preventative care, it is still possible for the mesh to cause complications.

The following are common symptoms of hernia mesh complications:

  1. Excessive bloating
  2. Heat/warmth and soreness around the surgical site
  3. A noticeable lump or bulge in, or around the area of the original hernia
  4. Fever, nausea, and vomiting
  5. Infection
  6. Pain
  7. Bowel obstruction
  8. Migration, the implant moving from its original application
  9. Perforation of organs and tissues
  10. Adhesion, scar-like tissue that sticks together

Choosing a Colorado Attorney with Hernia Mesh Injury Experience

If you or a loved one has received a hernia mesh implant and is suffering from pain and injury as a result of the surgery, it is within your right to file a claim.

The first step in filing a claim is to see your doctor to get the problem area evaluated. With medical evidence and records of past surgeries regarding the hernia, a thought-out case can be made.

At Zaner Harden Law, our team of attorneys has specific experience with hernia mesh injury and recall complication cases. To schedule a private, free consultation with one of our attorneys, please contact our office today.



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