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Denver Dangerous Product Lawyers Can Help You Recover From Your Injury

Denver Dangerous Product Lawyers Can Help You Recover From Your InjuryIndividuals in Denver tend to use a wide variety of products each and every day. From toothbrushes to vehicles to office chairs to over-the-counter drugs, products provide convenience in many facets of our lives.

It has been reported that about 250,000 new products are launched each year in addition to the millions that are already active on the market.

Of all of these products, it should be no surprise that some can be defective and malfunction.

Common Types of Products That Can Cause Injuries

When a product malfunctions due to a defect, it can result in serious accidents and injuries to consumers including burns, brain injuries, broken bones, medical complications, and more. Some examples of products that can often malfunction and become dangerous include the following:

  • Household appliances
  • Power tools
  • Vehicles and automotive parts
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices
  • Recreational and sporting equipment
  • Child and baby products
  • Electronics

All of these products have the potential to cause devastating and even life-threatening injuries to you or a member of your household.

Examples of Specific Products Prone to Being Dangerous or Defective

  • Bair Hugger Warming Blankets
  • The DaVinci Robot
  • IVC Filters
  • Metal on Metal Hip Implants
  • Takata Airbags
  • Talcum Powder

Holding Companies Responsible For Selling Dangerous Products

If you or a family member sustains injuries due to a product, you can face medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other injury-related losses. It is only natural to want to know who you can hold accountable for these losses?

Product manufacturers have the legal duty to sell products that are reasonably safe for their intended use. Unfortunately, companies can be negligent and unsafe, defective products can make it onto the shelves. Negligence can result in the sale of defective products in different ways:

  • Defective design of the product, resulting in inherent defects in all products stemming from that design;
  • Defective assembly or inadequate materials, which usually causes a batch of the product to be defective; or
  • Failure to provide consumers with the necessary warnings of potential hazards or dangers of using the product.

If you are injured because a company was negligent and sold a dangerous or defective product, you can seek compensation for all of your injury-related losses by filing a products liability claim.

Denver Bad Product Attorneys Providing Personalized Assistance

Cases involving products liability claims can be complicated, especially when they are brought against large billion-dollar corporations. These companies have extensive resources, insurance companies, and legal teams prepared to fight against liability for consumer injuries. By choosing the lawyers of Zaner Harden Law to handle you case, you can rest assured that we have the powerful resources and skill needed to face off against large manufacturers in court. There is no excuse for selling defective products and injuring unknowing consumers and we will stand up for your rights to recover for your injuries.

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