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Why Do You Need To Hire a Trial Lawyer in Colorado Springs?

First and foremost, you need the attorneys that will be able to tackle the most complicated legal issues effortlessly and effectively. There are thousands of attorneys in Colorado but only a select few are qualified to competently handle your claim. While some cases may seem simple at the outset, and many lawyers will surely design a simple approach with unsurprising simple results, you need a lawyer that understands the nuances and complexity of personal injury law to ensure that you obtain a spectacular result.

That’s because you only have one shot. This will hopefully be your only personal injury case in your lifetime and therefore you need the absolute best to represent your interest. Many lawyers, known as “settlement” lawyers, are looking simply for an easy settlement in order to move your “file” and make a quick profit. The problem with so called settlement lawyers is that insurance adjustors and defense lawyers know who they are and know that they present no real risk or threat. This is why these settlement lawyers only obtain low ball offers and marginal results.

Your case may never go to trial; chances are you may not have to even file a lawsuit. But unless the other side knows that the lawyers representing you are willing to fight all the way through trial, they will treat you and your case with little to no respect. They will take advantage of both you and your attorney and you will miss out on your opportunity to hold the insurance company and the defendant responsible.

The partners at our firm are known and respected across the country as skilled trial lawyers with the training, experience, and accomplishments that not only demand respect but also deliver the best results. When an insurance adjustor or defense attorney learns that Zaner Harden Law represents you, they know that they will be up against the best that the West has to offer. They know they cannot pull the same old defense tactics and insult you and your case. They know that the partners at our firm have beaten the best and have the track record to prove it. They know that they must take your case very seriously.

Whether you want to settle your case, file a lawsuit, or take your case to trial, you can be confident that you have the very best on your side for each step of the process.

Finally, we understand that every case is different. Every client has unique problems and challenges, and always a very personal story. We have spent many years at the so called “big firms;” in firms where there are hundreds and sometimes thousands of clients, where a single clients’ story often gets lost in the shuffle. We founded our firm so that doesn’t happen.

We limit the number of clients we accept so that we can personally provide top-rate, personalized, and focused representation to the people that entrust their lives and stories to us. We make ourselves and firm’s resources readily available to each and every client. When we welcome you into the Zaner Harden Law family, you can be confident that your case will not be handed off to an inexperienced associate. Our founding partners will work directly with you and will make sure that your story will be told.

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