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Everything About Skull and Facial Fracture Compensation Claims

A skull fracture usually results from blunt force trauma. The skull fractures are commonly seen in patients who suffer from head trauma from an industrial accident or car crash. Such an injury cannot be classified as a minor. Although you will recover fast from a skull fracture that is not complicated within a month or so, the main issue is the concussions that may lead to impairment, among other issues.


Below are the common causes that lead to skull fractures:


Below are the common symptoms of facial and skull fractures:


  • Fluids and blood draining from the head
  • Abnormality or apparent depression
  • Facial weakness
  • A physical injury close to the impact site
  • Excruciating pain near the damaged area
  • Headaches

If you have any of the symptoms listed above, you should get medical attention within an immediate effect.


Different Types of Skull Fractures

Depressed Skull Fracture

This is a fracture whereby the skull has been pushed or displaced inwards because of blunt force trauma. Such a fracture appears because of a severe injury to the head. The depression that comes about because of such a fracture is mild. There are instances where depression may be severe.


The fracture degree depends on the amount of pressure that was initially applied during the accident. Such a fracture is simple, and only one fractured line will appear. In most cases, people usually experience loss of consciousness.


When the doctor conducts a clinical examination, they can only detect large depressions. Small fractures can only be detected using an X-ray or CT scan.

Linear Skull Fracture

With such fractures, there is no bone displacement or depression. The main issues associated with such a fracture include brain hematomas, scalp lacerations, and intracerebral hemorrhages.


Unless there is an additional injury, the medical practitioners cannot find the fracture easily. A CT scan or X-ray, on the other hand, can be used to detect such fractures.


For the fracture to heal, surgical intervention is needed. Nonetheless, there are exceptions. For children and infants who have a linear skull fracture, there is a high likelihood they will have a growing skull fracture. Such an issue arises when the fracture widens and expands as the infant or child grows. In such a case, surgery will ensure the problem doesn’t develop further.

Basilar Skull Fracture

This is a fracture whereby the skull base is broken. Such fractures are rare, and it takes great force for such to appear. The fractures usually result in:


  • Blood appearing in the sinuses
  • Bruises behind the ears
  • Bruises around the eyes
  • The cranial nerves will be injured, resulting in double vision, hearing loss, weakness, or loss of smell

Such fractures usually heal with time, and there is no need for surgery. If there is cerebral fluid leakage, surgery will have to be conducted to stop the leakage. There is also the risk of meningitis if there is a fracture at the base of the skull. You may fail to recognize the threats early since meningitis can happen after a few months.

The Average Settlement Value for Facial and Skull Injury Claims

Skull and facial fractures are severe. There are statistics and verdicts that can support these claims. For a skull and facial fracture, the average settlement amount will be at least $100,000. When the fracture results in permanent brain damage, the settlement can be $1 million.


If you have a facial and skull fracture resulting from an accident, you should contact an auto accident lawyer Denver. Some of the factors that normally impact such claims include:


  • Collectability– the judgment only comes in handy when the defendant has enough assets or auto insurance.
  • Liability– when there is no dispute that the driver caused the accident and the skull fracture then appeared, the case will have a higher claim. A letter from the worker’s compensation will also increase your claim when you have incurred an industrial accident.
  • Supportive doctors– the neurosurgeons are well suited to handling skull fractures. They also help to prove the medical damages. A credible and supportive doctor is supposed to handle such a case since they will also ensure fair compensation.

It is advisable to file the claim when there is a maximum medical improvement. That way, your settlement will have a higher value.


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