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Denver Highway Crash Lawyer

Denver Highway Crash Lawyer

Have you been hurt in a highway accident in Denver, Colorado? You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

The Denver highway crash attorneys at Zaner Harden Personal Injury Lawyers can assist you in getting the most out of your settlement offer from the insurance company and, if necessary, pursue legal action against those responsible for the accident.

Contact our law offices today at (720) 613-9706 to set up a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our Denver car accident lawyers. We’ll review your case with you and ensure you comprehend your rights and legal options.

How Zaner Harden Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help if You Were Injured in a Highway Crash in Denver

How Zaner Harden Law Can Help if You Were Injured in a Highway Crash in Denver

At Zaner Harden Personal Injury Lawyers our Denver personal injury attorneys have decades of combined experience. This means we have a deep understanding of how insurance companies operate, and we won’t be fooled by their tactics.

We take great pride in providing exceptional legal services to our clients in Denver, CO. When you have us by your side, you can trust that you’re increasing your chances of success. 

Our Denver personal injury lawyers have secured substantial financial awards for injured accident victims. To date, we’ve secured tens of millions of dollars in compensation for our clients. While each case is unique, we’re unwavering in our commitment to achieving similar excellent outcomes for you.

When you choose Zaner Harden Personal Injury Lawyers here’s what we’ll do:

  • Conduct a comprehensive, independent investigation into the accident
  • Gather and analyze all pertinent evidence
  • Identify and locate any potential eyewitnesses
  • Collaborate with leading Colorado experts
  • Develop a strategic legal plan
  • Engage in negotiations with all parties involved

We know how insurance companies try to manipulate accident victims into settling for less than they deserve. That’s why we’re ready to push back and ensure they don’t take advantage of you.

We’ll keep you well-informed about any developments and consult with you on significant decisions. At Zaner Harden Personal Injury Lawyers we view our clients as family, and we put in the same level of effort for you as we would for our own.

Contact Zaner Harden Personal Injury Lawyers today to discuss your highway crash case with us. You pay no attorney’s fees unless we win compensation for you.

Which Highway Lane Is the Most Dangerous? 

It’s important to understand which highway lanes pose the most risk.

People often assume the left lane on the highway is the most risky due to the high speeds required for passing. While accidents occurring in the left lane can indeed lead to fatalities and more catastrophic injuries, it’s not where accidents happen most frequently. Surprisingly, that distinction goes to the right lane.

The right lane tends to experience more traffic and demands careful attention and significant maneuvering. For instance, entrances and exits are typically managed through the right lane, so vehicles from other lanes must navigate their way into the right lane to exit the highway. 

Similarly, vehicles entering the highway need to merge into the right lane, and cars already in the right lane must be prepared for incoming vehicles.

The increased activity in the right lane makes it a hotspot for accidents.

What Are Some Common Causes of Denver Highway Crashes? 

Highway crashes have become more severe over time, largely due to the increasing speed limits on these roads.

Driving on highways presents unique challenges compared to local roads. Challenges such as:

  • Entering the highway (merging)
  • Changing lanes to exit
  • Overtaking on the left
  • Sharing the road with large trucks
  • Dealing with tired drivers covering long distances

Furthermore, highways are susceptible to the same causes of accidents as other roadways, including:

Understanding the factors contributing to highway crashes can help you take the necessary precautions and maintain your focus on the road at all times.

Contact Our Car Accident Law Firm in Denver Today 

If you’ve experienced a highway crash in Denver, Colorado, you don’t have to navigate the aftermath on your own. At Zaner Harden Personal Injury Lawyers we understand the impact accidents can have on you and your loved ones, having witnessed it in numerous cases. That’s why we’re committed to offering you the assistance and legal guidance necessary to navigate this challenging period.

It’s crucial that you reach out to our Denver highway crash lawyers promptly. In Colorado, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit related to a highway crash is limited to two years. Delaying could lead to the forfeiture of your right to pursue compensation through legal action.

Contact Zaner Harden Personal Injury Lawyers today. We’ll provide further insights about our firm, address your inquiries, and explain how we can help you get your life back on track.

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