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5 Things a Truck Accident Lawyer Can Do (That You Probably Can’t)

Statistics have shown that thousands of people incur injuries daily due to accidents involving tractor-trailers and semi-trucks.Some cities are major distribution hubs, and you will find a large number of trucks on the road at any given time.As a result, the chances of being involved in an accident are high, and there’s a need to hire a reputable truck accident lawyer.

You may have been in a position where a truck on the roadway crossed into your lane of travel. This can be a scary experience. Trucks can pose unique risks to other road users due to their size and weight.When they cause accidents, they can lead to massive damages. All drivers that cause accidents due to negligence must be held liable.

A truck accident lawyer understands how to pursue complex lawsuits involving trucks. If you suffered injuries and believe it was due to negligence, a personal injury lawyer can offer the help you need.You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and property damages. There are many causes of truck accidents in Colorado. One of the most common reasons is driver fatigue. A truck driver is required to follow different standards than regular drivers.


For example, they are only allowed to work for a certain number of hours a day. Additionally, they must take breaks to rest and sleep.


Mechanical failures in trucks is also a major reason for the high number of accidents. Like any other vehicle, breaks are the most critical safety features in a truck.


Because of trucks’ size and weight, slowing them down or stopping them over a short distance is crucial. How can a truck accident legal professional help when you get involved in an accident?


Determine The Parties at Fault

Many people are tempted to admit fault after the occurrence of an accident due to moral reasons. An attorney will stop you from doing this as it may end up costing you later.


Once you have called 911 and checked whether someone needs emergency help, you should consider contacting an experienced lawyer.


The legal professionals will tell you what you need to say to the other parties. One of the elements of determining fault during an accident is the principle of negligence.


Insurance carriers and the jury will assign fault based on the concept of negligence. This refers to the driver’s failure to exercise the “duty of care.”


Generally, the driver who was more careless is considered to be at fault. Some of the factors that are considered when determining negligence are eyewitness accounts and citations given after the occurrence of a truck accident.


Ideally, the police will arrive at the scene shortly, interview the drivers involved and passengers.


Generally, the driver who was more careless is considered to be at fault. Some of the factors that are considered when determining negligence are eyewitness accounts and citations given after the occurrence of a truck accident.


Ideally, the police will arrive at the scene shortly, interview the drivers involved and passengers.


They will also write a report, which includes their professional opinions. Note that the police reports are not the only documents used in determining fault. In some cases, they may not be admissible as evidence in a court of law.


They Will Ensure Discovery Works for You

Discovery refers to the process of gathering information from all the parties involved in a case. Your legal representative will use several tools are used to obtain information during the process.


For example, they may use interrogatories, which are questions the other parties must answer and are signed under oath.


Requests for production require individuals to have written documents, records, and other tangible objects.


For depositions, the parties involved and witnesses are interviewed in the presence of a court reporter. The deposition witnesses should also answer the questions of attorneys.


If they try to change their statements during the court proceedings, an attorney can use the transcript to show inconsistencies.


Discovery is a critical process, especially for complex lawsuits that involve commercial truck accidents. If you have an experienced lawyer, they will ensure you have the evidence you need during the trial.


They Will Calculate the Damages

How do you determine the value of injuries? The calculations are complex. A truck accident attorney will consider many factors to arrive at the final figure. For example, they will take into account the severity of the injuries, how recovery looks like, and the possibility of preexisting injuries.


Usually, an insurer will downplay the injuries and strive to get you to admit fault or relinquish their client’s responsibility. A truck accident lawyer is aware of different tactics that an insurance firm may use and will evaluate your suit and determine a fair valuation of your damages.


Gathering Relevant Evidence

Evidence is a critical element of every personal injury lawsuit. Your attorney will use the available evidence to prove fault and damage. Some evidence can be acquired at the scene, while other information may require legal requests or cooperating with third parties.


One of the benefits of hiring a truck accident lawyer is that they can access more information than a civilian.


For example, they can obtain the driving records of negligent drivers. If a driver is unqualified, they are dangerous to other road users. A lawyer will also gather information such as employment records and criminal records to determine whether a truck driver should have been behind the wheel.


The lawyer will also obtain cell phone records. Statistics have shown that distracted driving results in thousands of fatalities annually.


Cell phones have been identified as one of the biggest problems for truck drivers in Denver. The evidence can be used as proof of fault and lead to punitive damages.


A Truck Accident Lawyer Will Negotiate Fair Settlement

Insurance companies have sophisticated negotiation techniques and will apply a lot of pressure to accept their offers.


Although you can be your own representative during a personal injury lawsuit, you will have a hard time trying to navigate this process without the help of an experienced lawyer.


A legal professional will help you to understand your rights and enlighten you about protecting yourself throughout the entire legal process.


Other than managing negotiations for you, a truck accident attorney should ensure you get quality medical care and offer the support you need to focus on recovery.


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