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Accidents with Uber or Lyft Vehicles in Denver: What You Need to Know

Rideshare Accident

Let’s face it: the sharing economy is taking over, and companies like Lyft and Uber are dominating taxi and ride-sharing services all over the world, including right here in Denver, Colorado, with their fast and user-friendly apps.

Despite these apps’ popularity and mostly reliable, high-quality service, car accidents are still as much of a possibility as they are in regular passenger vehicles that don’t use ride-sharing apps. As is the case with other car accidents in which you are the passenger or driver, these rides can result in major injuries, property damage, and even significant medical bills.

If you’ve been in a car accident either while riding in a ride-sharing vehicle that works under these companies, or if your car collided with an Uber or Lyft in Denver, you may be entitled to compensation.

That being said, Uber or Lyft’s involvement makes settling the matter slightly more complicated. Whichever party is deemed responsible for the accident relies upon the events and characteristics that caused the crash, such as distracted driving, negligence, or driving under the influence.

Negligence of traffic laws from the driver of the Lyft or Uber vehicle you may be riding in, or the driver of the Uber or Lyft that collided with your car may also be a potential cause. Bad roads are also a possible cause, as well as vehicles that need better maintenance or cars that have been built with damaged parts.

Depending on the details of the accident, your Uber or Lyft driver, the Uber or Lyft driver that collided with your car, the car manufacturing company or either vehicle or even a governing agency can be found responsible for the accident.

Working with insurance companies, as is usually the case when it comes to car accidents, can be frustrating and confusing. Uber and Lyft’s insurance companies may deny their responsibility, or a portion of your claim even when the entirety of the claim is justified.

Even so, if Uber is involved, if you were injured in an accident as the passenger of an Uber vehicle, you are covered under their policy for up to one million dollars.

Since the ride-sharing companies’ involvement has the potential to complicate things slightly with the differences in detail of their company and insurance policies, it’s strongly advised that you seek the help of an expert lawyer who is familiar with these cases and with your rights as a passenger or driver.

An experienced auto accident lawyer can assist in fighting for compensation that is due to you, while you may not be familiar enough with the way insurance companies work to guarantee these results on your own.

If you were injured in or affected by a car accident involving a ride-sharing company such as Uber or Lyft, contact an experienced Denver lawyer today at www.zanerhardenlaw.com.

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