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Avoiding Summer Auto Accidents in Denver, CO

Summer is almost upon us. We’ve just finished honoring those who have sacrificed their lives protecting our freedom during Memorial Day weekend, and before you know it we’ll be celebrating the Fourth of July.


An increase in summer celebration often results in an increase in dangerous drivers on the roads. You might be responsible when enjoying the warmer months, but that doesn’t mean the driver navigating his or her vehicle next to you is.


Nothing will put a damper on your summer fun more than an auto accident, particularly if the accident causes serious harm or fatal injury. At times, accidents are unavoidable and you cannot prevent the resulting collision.


You can, however, minimize your chances of becoming tangled with a careless summer driver by practicing defensive driving while on the road. Nobody wants to become the victim of an auto accident, so here are some tips to help you avoid a collision.


Watch for Distractions


While driving, if you see someone talking or texting on his cell phone, blasting her music, or paying more attention to his hamburger than the road, steer clear. Distracted drivers equal an accident waiting to happen, and this includes you. Keep your distractions to a minimum, as well.


Being distracted doesn’t just include the above. Zeroing in on the car in front of you is also dangerous. Don’t become fixated on one point. Keep your eyes moving so you’re aware of what’s going on further up the road, as well as beside and behind you, so you can react in defense if need be.


Lane Change Game


People who change lanes excessively are likely doing so for one of two reasons: They’re in a careless rush or they’re playing games or reacting out of road rage. All of this spells danger for you, so switch a lane or two to establish some distance between you and the other driver.


Also watch out for people who move over suddenly without warning and people who aren’t paying attention to their blind spots. If you see someone begin to attempt to change multiple lanes in a hurried manner, move out of her way as safely as possible, and sound your horn if she doesn’t see you.


React Appropriately


If you must use your horn to avoid an accident, do not react in anger afterward. Defensive driving does not include staring someone down or making obscene gestures. This will only escalate an already unsettling situation and might result in road rage by the other driver that is sure to end badly.


Practice avoidance techniques, as well. Look both ways at intersections, even if it’s a four-way stop or you have the green light. Learn how to swerve safely to avoid collisions, and never follow anyone too closely, particularly in Colorado’s bad winter weather.


When you get behind the wheel, your goal is to reach your destination safely, not become the victim of an auto accident. Be aware and drive defensively to ensure just that, and if someone does hit you, enlist the appropriate help to protect your rights. Learn more at: www.zanerhardenlaw.com.


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