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Mistakes to Avoid in a Personal Injury Case

Mistakes to Avoid in a Personal Injury Case

If you’ve been hurt and someone else is at fault, it is only natural to want the compensation you’re entitled to for your injury, wages lost, and any damaged property.


However, if you make mistakes as your case unfolds, you might cost yourself part or all of your settlement despite the fact that you deserve a full recovery under Colorado law.


Review the following common mistakes that can cost you your personal injury case and make sure to take note because these mistakes cannot be undone.


Talking About the Case


It is normal to want to discuss your case with other people, but doing so can really impact the outcome. Feel free to go over your case with your legal representation and close family members you trust and have sworn to secrecy.


Don’t talk about it with anyone connected to the other side, such as the attorney or insurer for the person or business responsible for your injury. If they try to ask you anything, tell them to speak to your attorney.


Accidentally letting vital information slip can harm your case, and the people connected to the opposing party will be hoping for you to make a mistake so they can limit your compensation.


Posting on Social Media


Social media creates an illusion of privacy, but in reality, anything you post can be made accessible to others. One example of how social media can harm a case is that of Patrick Snay, who sued his former employer over age discrimination.


As reported by CNN, Snay lost his $80,000 settlement when his daughter made a short post about the case on her Facebook page, breaching the confidentiality agreement Snay had signed.


You should avoid using social media entirely until your case is settled. If you can’t stay away, stick to posts that have nothing to do with the case, such as pet photos or funny videos.


Don’t respond to any social media comments about your case or injury, and ask followers and friends not to ask about it on there.


Not Getting Prompt Medical Care


It is easy to assume you’re fine if you’re not feeling any pain, but some injuries don’t show up until days after an accident.


Delaying medical care could impact your recovery and make your injuries appear less serious than they are. Get prompt medical attention for your injury and keep all of your medical documentation, including bills.


Tell your doctor everything you are experiencing so it can all be entered into your medical records, and follow through on any care he or she recommends.

Signing Forms or Documents


Never sign any form or document that you don’t understand. You could be signing away or waiving rights, which in turn might reduce or eliminate your compensation.


The insurance for the person that hit you has no right to your medical records or a recorded statement; however, they will often try and get you to sign a medical release and give a statement.


You should not do this – you have HIPPA rights and you shouldn’t just waive them. The insurance company will try and persuade you to do things you don’t have to do, usually by either charming you or bullying you into doing it.


You do have some obligations to your own insurance company that you don’t have with the insurance company for the person that caused the crash.


If you don’t comply with these obligations, you could waive the coverage you’ve been paying for over the course of years. This is why its so critical to hire an attorney who can advise what you do and don’t have to do, including what you need to do to preserve the coverage you have with your own insurance company.


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