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How to Prevent Distracted Driving

How to prevent distracted driving

Almost everybody is liable for some distracted driving at some point in their lives. Preoccupied drivers are everywhere you look now that socializing and entertaining via your cell phone is more accessible than ever. To prevent car accidents and save lives, here are some tips to help you avoid driving distractedly. 


While you’re driving, utilize your phone for crises only. Even in that case, it’s ideal to pull over and make a call or send a text. Hands-free devices can also cause you to miss visual and audible signals that can help you avoid an accident. Keep your hands off your phone. Avoid texting and phone calls while on the road.


When it comes to music, determine your playlist or route navigation before setting off.  Drivers who use their phones are fined for any cell phone use while driving currently in some cities. 


Drowsy driving increases the risk of a car accident by almost four times. If you are feeling tired, either avoid getting on the road altogether or take time to pull over and recover. You can also open the window, listen to a podcast, sing, or turn up the music to make you more alert. 


Limit the number of people with you in your car, as well as the activity or conversation happening. Keep conversation to a minimum, especially if you are a young driver, as the car can be a dangerous place for socializing.  In the early stages of the licensure, laws in various states prohibit teens from having other peers riding in the car with them, since it’s been found that new drivers tend to be more easily distracted from the road.


If you’re hungry while you’re driving, head to a restaurant or rest area to eat, or wait until you arrive at your destination to grab a meal. Food spills contribute significantly to distraction-caused accidents. 


Multi-task outside of your car. Many studies show that you are limited in the amount of data you can process at once. Whether you’re eating, putting on makeup, getting dressed, using your phone for texting or phone calls, or having an in-depth conversation with someone in your car, multi-tasking makes you more likely to get into an accident.


Focus on what’s around you while you’re driving, and you’ll make the road a safer place for everyone. Settle yourself for your ride before you set out, and if you need to make changes or contact someone, pull off the road. Your life and the lives of others depend on it.


If you or someone you love have been in a car accident due to distracted driving, the professionals at Zaner Harden Law can guide you toward making a claim. 


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