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How Improper Tire Maintenance Can Lead to Car Crashes

You should always take proper care of your tires. After all, your tires are the only contact point your automobile has with the road. Improper tire maintenance can lead to very serious accidents. In fact, a study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that tire issues were a factor in nearly nine percent of all automobile accidents.


If you have any questions or concerns about improper tire maintenance and Colorado car accidents, please contact an experienced Denver auto accident lawyer for immediate legal assistance.

Colorado Tire Tread Law and Tire Pressure Guidelines


All drivers should be aware of Colorado’s tire tread laws and tire pressure guidelines. Operation TireSafe, from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), provides important advice for all drivers. CDOT recommends using the ‘quarter test’ as a simple method to determine if your vehicle’s tire tread is up to the state’s minimum standards.


The quarter test works like this:


  • Insert a quarter into your tire’s tread, with George Washington’s head facing downward;
  • If Washington’s head is still partially covered by the tread, then you tire’s meets the minimum tread standard.

You should repeat this test on all tires, testing several different points on each one. Further, you must also follow Colorado’s tire pressure guidelines. Improperly inflated tires will put you and your family at serious risk. Please refer to the recommended tire pressure inflation standards for your specific make of tires.

Improper Tire Maintenance: Accident Liability

A person or an entity can be held liable for a car accident if their negligence contributed to that accident. This means that many different parties could potentially be held liable for an improper tire maintenance accident. This includes:


  • Mechanics: When you bring your car to a mechanic for tire maintenance, you are putting your faith in the skill and expertise of that mechanic. The mechanic has a legal responsibility to perform their job with adequate skill and care. If, through negligent actions, they send you back on the road on faulty tires, they can be held liable for any resulting accident damage.
  • Manufacturers: Tire manufacturers and designers also have a legal responsibility to provide drivers with a reasonably safe product. If the improper tire maintenance was actually a result of a product defect, then the manufacturer may bear the liability.
  • Drivers: Finally, drivers have a legal duty to operate their vehicle safely. This duty includes keeping vehicles properly maintained. A driver should not knowingly put a dangerous vehicle on the road. If a person continues to drive on dangerous tires, they are putting others at great risk. They could be held liable for any resulting accident.

Determining liability after an accident caused by bad tires is always complicated. You need an experienced Colorado car accident lawyer by your side who will conduct a comprehensive investigation. This will include examining the accident scene, consulting with experts, taking witness statements, reviewing maintenance records and anything else required to get answers.

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