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I’ve Been Bitten! Should I Get Care for a Dog Bite?


You’re just walking along, minding your own business, and suddenly a strange dog approaches you out of nowhere. Despite your attempts to get away from the animal without provoking it, you find yourself at the receiving end of a nasty bite!


If the above or something similar has happened to you, read on to learn the best course of action to take.


Get Immediate Care if You Need It


If you’ve got a superficial wound, you can clean it out with running water to remove dirt and debris first. Then use a bacteria-killing agent such as isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to get a deeper clean, and apply a plastic bandage with some type of antibacterial ointment.


If you’re uncomfortable treating the wound yourself, feel you need stitches, or have some other concern, seek professional medical care. Dog bites can lead to scarring or complications, so don’t take any chances. If the dog is unknown to you, it is also possible that it has rabies, so you will need emergency care to get rabies vaccinations. Keep copies of all of your medical bills and any expenses related to the bite; this documentation will be necessary to prove your losses if you file a claim against the dog’s owner later.


After You’ve Been Treated


Report the dog who bit you to the local animal control agency. In cases where the animal control office is already closed and the dog was loose and running around, call 911 so authorities can capture the dog before it harms someone else, and make the report to animal control as soon as they open.


The animal control officers will follow up with you to get all the details of what happened, and they will speak to the dog’s owner as well. Make sure you talk to the officers so that both sides of the story are entered into the report, and get a copy for your records when it’s available. Give the officers the names and numbers of any witnesses who saw you get bit.

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