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Motorcyclist and Passenger Killed in Boulder Jeep Collision

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Two motorcyclists were killed when their bike collided with a Jeep on the North Foothills Highway close to Left Hand Canyon Drive in Boulder County. According to Fox31 Denver, the Jeep was going west when it turned onto a road in front of the motorcycle. As a result, the bike collided with the Jeep’s passenger side, and both the man and the woman riding the motorcycle died at the scene while the Jeep driver was not hurt.

Michael Katke, 65, and Angel Philp, 52, both of California, were identified as the victims in the accident.

Colorado’s Alarming Trend

Despite Colorado’s reputation as a great place to ride a motorcycle, accidents like the recent Boulder County crash highlight the need for better driver education. CBS Denver reports that while bikes only account for 3 percent of all vehicles on the road, they make up 18 percent of all fatalities.

This trend prompted the Colorado Department of Transportation to launch an ad campaign aimed at increasing driver awareness of bikes on the road in hopes of reducing accident numbers. By August of 2015, the state had already logged more than 45 fatal motorcycle accidents. In many of those cases, the other drivers were unharmed. In a collision, motorcyclist deaths occur 26 times more frequently than passenger car occupant deaths. When a motorcycle meets a larger vehicle, the motorcyclist is often on the losing end because he or she has less protection than someone in a bigger vehicle.

Common Bike Accident Causes

No matter how careful of a rider you are when you’re out on the road, there is still a chance you will be involved in an accident. Many factors are out of your control, including the road conditions and the behavior of other drivers. Motorcycle accidents can do more than just damage your bike. These events often have serious physical and financial consequences for victims, including serious injury and mounting medical bills.

Inexperienced or inattentive vehicle drivers are one of the most common motorcycle accident causes. Drivers who aren’t used to sharing the road with motorcyclists simply don’t take the precautions necessary to avoid an accident, such as leaving the motorcyclist enough room to react to a sudden event like a sharp turn or a quick stop. One particular accident type, when a car turns left into the path of a motorcycle that is going straight or passing, is repeatedly seen in fatal collisions. This accident scenario is often the result of the car’s driver not paying attention to what’s going on around him or her.

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