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Personal Injury and Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Powder: The Latest on the Recall

When people shop for products, there is an unspoken agreement between consumers and companies that the products put out for purchase are safe.  

After all, a good business relies on customer safety and satisfaction in order to stay relevant.  

However, it was recently discovered that Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder has been linked to ovarian cancer, causing hundreds of women undue suffering and even death.  

Countless numbers of families use baby powder for their children every day for diaper rash, after baths, and after changing.   Knowingly putting children at risk is inexcusable and this level of negligence should not be tolerated.

Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder also has several household and hygiene purposes and we as consumers trust that it is safe for us due to the fact that it has always been marketed as such.

So while women and children are the most impacted demographic, others too, can be harmed by baby powder.  

Women have been using baby powder as a hygiene product for years, due to its ability to keep skin cool during the summer and its gentle scent, making it a seemingly wonderful product to always have on hand.  

The reason why baby powder has been used for so many years and in such a myriad of ways is due in hand to the fact that Johnson and Johnson have always guaranteed the safety of their products and consumers have always relied on the trust that Johnson and Johnson will provide safe and healthy products for our use.  

What several women have found, however, has been deadly.  

Doctors were first able to link baby powder to ovarian cancer when they began finding traces of baby powder within the tumors themselves.  

An occurrence such as this has given several doctors cause for alarm, leading to a call for the company to take action. However, Johnson and Johnson ignored these claims and still to this day continue to market their baby powder as completely safe for everyday use.  

Due to this extreme negligence, hundreds of women and their families have had to endure the full blown consequences of ovarian cancer, including surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy that does not guarantee full success.  

A common sight in most homes with children is a bottle of Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder sitting next to a changing table.  

This image has become so ingrained due to Johnson and Johnson marketing their baby powder as safe for even the most gentle of skin.   Realizing that Johnson and Johnson continue to promote their baby powder as safe and gentle while fully knowing the harmful side effects is an unprecedented act of malice.  

Children can grow up to face a number of health concerns due to the harmful side effects of baby powder and by refusing to remedy the problem, Johnson and Johnson has made it clear that they appreciate profits more than the lives of others.  

Understanding the full risks that Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder presents, most people who have been impacted are left trying to figure out if there is any legal recourse.

Surely if there is someone at fault, they should be held accountable.   Finding a lawyer to take on such a behemoth as Johnson and Johnson’s can be difficult, which is why finding a personal injury lawyer who will stand up for you and your loved one a priority.  

Recourse for cancer caused by a product can include compensation for loss of time, medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering.  

By continuing to market their products as safe for daily use, Johnson and Johnson has breached the trust that their consumers have placed in them solely for profit, putting thousands of women at risk for developing a deadly form of cancer.  

If you or a loved one have been affected medically by Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder, finding a personal injury lawyer is the best way to make sure that you can have justice.

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