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Steps to Take After an Amazon Delivery Truck Accident in Denver, Co

Amazon delivery trucks are common on the streets in Denver. They make deliveries in neighborhoods, business districts, and rural areas. Like other vehicles on the road, Amazon delivery trucks are involved in traffic accidents. 

Knowing the steps to take after an Amazon delivery truck accident can help you recover fair compensation for your injuries and damages.

Call 911 to Report an Amazon Delivery Truck Accident

Colorado traffic laws require drivers to report most car accidents in the state. It is always best to report an accident with an Amazon vehicle because you need an official record of the crash for the accident claim. Calling 911 is the easiest and quickest way to report the accident and request police and emergency medical services. 

Gather Evidence at the Accident Scene

If you can do so without endangering yourself or others, take photographs of the vehicles involved in the accident. Make a video of the entire accident scene. Ask witnesses to give you their names and contact information.

Avoid Admitting Fault 

You should not admit fault even if you could be partially to blame for causing the crash. Do not discuss the accident with anyone other than the police officer. Avoid saying you caused the accident, but be honest when describing what happened to the officer. 

Seek Medical Treatment for Injuries 

Delivery truck accidents can cause catastrophic injuries. Regardless of the severity of your injuries, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Delays in seeking medical care can hurt your personal injury case. The opposing party may question whether the accident caused your injuries and/or your failure to seek prompt medical care made your injuries worse (i.e., failure to mitigate damages).

Amazon truck accident claims are complicated personal injury cases. More than one party could be liable for your damages, so sorting out fault may be challenging. 

Examples of parties who could be liable for damages include:

  • Amazon and/or its employees
  • An Amazon Flex driver
  • Other drivers 
  • Independent drivers and companies 
  • Truck manufacturers
  • Repair shops
  • Loaders and shippers
  • Other third parties

An experienced Denver truck accident lawyer investigates the cause of the Amazon delivery truck accident. They gather evidence and work with experts to determine all factors that contributed to the cause of the crash. They analyze the factors to identify all parties who are to blame for causing the accident. 

What Damages Can I Receive for an Amazon Delivery Truck Accident in Denver, CO?

Accident victims can recover compensation for their economic damages, including:

  • Medical bills, including rehabilitative therapies and nursing care
  • Lost wages and benefits, including diminished earning capacity
  • The cost of personal care and/or household services
  • Out-of-pocket expenses 
  • Property damage

Accident victims can also receive compensation for the pain and suffering the accident caused. 

Examples of non-economic damages include:

  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Impairments and disabilities
  • Mental anguish
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Reduction in quality of life
  • Emotional distress

The insurance company for Amazon might try to blame you for causing the accident. They may use terms like comparative fault and comparative negligence. 

The reason for this tactic is to reduce the amount you can receive by saying you contributed to the cause of the crash. Allowing a Denver personal injury lawyer to handle the insurance company can help avoid giving the company evidence they can use against you. 

Hire a Lawyer to Pursue Fair Compensation After an Amazon Delivery Truck Accident

Amazon or its insurance company might offer you an amount to settle your claim. The settlement offer might come before you complete medical treatment or have a chance to talk with an attorney. The timing is intentional.

The company wants to pay you a little money now instead of more money later. If you accept the settlement offer and sign a settlement agreement or release, you give up your right to sue Amazon for the accident. 

Talk with a lawyer before accepting a settlement for an Amazon delivery truck accident. A Denver accident attorney can tell you if the offer is fair and whether settling now is in your best interest. Your claim could be worth more money, especially if you have not completed medical treatment and are not aware of the full extent of your injuries and damages. 

Waiting to settle an Amazon delivery truck accident claim could be difficult. However, patience could result in a much higher settlement amount.

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