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Tech Firms Working on Technologies to Guard Computers from Viruses


Modern cars contain dozens of tiny computers and electronic communication technologies that are built into these automobiles.  With the presence of these technologies comes the risk of virus attacks.


What is shocking is that the auto industry has invested very little in developing shields to prevent virus attacks on these computers, although the industry has been aware of these risks for a while now.


In 2010, scientists in the United States announced that cyber attacks could damage cars when they were traveling at high speeds.   However, a few firms like Intel are currently working on ways of protecting these computers.


A virus attack on computers, electronic communication technologies or safety technologies can have a devastating impact.  The auto industry has been aware of these risks for a while now.


For instance, there’s always a fear that criminals will hack into a computer’s electronic system, and lift information that will help them steal a car.  There is always the risk that your private conversations on your voice communication technology will be hacked into.


Even more serious is the risk that your car’s electronics systems could suffer a virus attack that could actually cause the car to crash without warning.


Cyber attacks or glitches in electronics systems were probed as one of the reasons for the sudden, unintended acceleration incidents involving Toyota vehicles.  There is no confirmed evidence that malware or virus attacks on computer systems in automobiles have been responsible for any crashes.  However, automakers have woken up to the safety risks of having their electronics attacked.


For instance, Ford Motor Company is currently working on protecting its Sync communication system from malicious attacks.


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