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What Are My Options After an Accident With an Amazon Truck?

Amazon trucks are everywhere. On average, you may see semi-trucks, delivery vans, and even personal vehicles with the Amazon logo delivering goods. The injuries you suffer from an accident involving an Amazon truck may require expensive medical treatment and cause long-term disabilities. Fortunately, you have options for seeking compensation.

Insurance and Amazon Trucks

Different laws and policies cover Amazon trucks depending on the type of vehicle. Further complicating matters, some Amazon trucks are controlled directly by Amazon, while others operate as independent contractors.

Many commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) fall under federal law. CMVs include any vehicle that transports passengers or property in interstate commerce with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) over 10,000 pounds. Thus, only Amazon semi-trucks fall under federal law.

These vehicles must comply with federal financial responsibility minimums. Companies that do not carry hazardous waste must have at least $750,000 in insurance and surety bonds. These financial resources pay for injuries and property damage resulting from truck accidents caused by the truck driver.

Delivery vans with a GVWR under 10,000 pounds fall under the same insurance requirements as private automobiles. Vehicle owners must carry at least $25,000 in bodily injury liability (BIL) per person up to $50,000 per car accident. Contractors working for Amazon must carry at least this amount of coverage.

An exception to this rule occurs for Amazon Flex drivers. This program is similar to Uber Eats in that Amazon Flex drivers use their personal vehicles to deliver Amazon packages. Amazon offers $1 million in liability insurance to Amazon Flex drivers. People can file a claim against this policy for injuries that result from negligent driving.

Your Options After Getting Hit by an Amazon Truck

Almost all personal injury cases begin with an insurance claim. Liability insurance is an agreement between an insurer and a policyholder to pay any liabilities incurred within the scope of the policy. Surety bonds are the same as insurance, but the policyholder must repay the surety.

From the perspective of an accident victim, it does not matter whether you deal with a surety or insurer. In either case, the process will be the same.

After you get hit by an Amazon truck, you will exchange insurance information with the Amazon driver. This leaves you with two options. You can file an insurance claim or a lawsuit.

Filing an Insurance Claim

An insurance claim includes a description of your accident. The claim must also include proof of your losses, such as medical records, bills, and receipts.

The Amazon truck’s insurer investigates the accident to determine whether the Amazon driver was negligent in causing the accident. Negligence means the driver failed to exercise ordinary care. Negligence could happen when the driver violates traffic laws.

It can also happen when the driver does something dangerous without violating traffic laws. For example, a driver might crash into you while eating a sandwich. Although Colorado has no laws against eating while driving, a reasonable driver would know that eating a sandwich will interfere with their driving ability.

If the insurer accepts the claim, your lawyer will negotiate a settlement amount. A claim denial, however, will require a response with either additional evidence or new legal arguments. When an insurer persists in rejecting a claim, your attorney may need to file a lawsuit to keep the claim alive.

Filing a Lawsuit

Filing a lawsuit does not necessarily mean your case will go to trial. Only 3% of personal injury cases get tried before a judge or jury. The rest are either dismissed by the judge or settled between the parties. As your case proceeds, your lawyer will remain in contact with the opposing attorney to try to settle.

Choosing an Option With Help From a Personal Injury Lawyer

Before you choose an option, you should consider speaking to a lawyer. The decision to file a lawsuit depends on many factors, including any deadlines under the statute of limitations. Most personal injury attorneys offer free consultations to review your case as well.

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