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Suing for Wrongful Death in Colorado: What You Need to Know


What is Wrongful Death?

Wrongful Death is a special kind of personal injury lawsuit made when someone is killed due to another party’s negligence or intentional act. Wrongful death claims are made against the person(s) responsible for causing someone’s death either purposely or negligently.

Wrongful death claims allow the estate of the deceased person to file a lawsuit against the person(s) who is legally responsible for their death. This claim is an important process for justice, closure, and finances that are rightfully owed to the estate of the deceased.

Suing for Wrongful Death in Colorado  

Wrongful death can come from defective products, slips/falls, car accidents, any negligent, dangerous behavior, and harmful acts done on purpose. In Colorado, the claim must be categorized as Personal Injury and is made on behalf of the deceased who cannot file their own claim.

Who can sue on behalf of the deceased?

  • The surviving spouse, if any, is the only individual able to file a lawsuit in the first year following the death of the victim. If no spouse is present, the parents of the deceased are eligible to file a claim
  • In the second year following the death, the surviving spouse or any surviving children are able to pursue a wrongful death claim
  • Any individual or party representing the deceased individual’s estate is able to file a suit to recover any damages for loss

What can you sue for?

  • Monetary Damages
  • Loss of benefits such as life insurance and health insurance
  • Salary or wages that the deceased would have earned had they been alive
  • Loss of the companionship of their loved one.
  • Medical/hospital expenses; as well as funeral or burial costs

In Colorado, individuals looking to make a claim for Wrongful Death have two years to do so.

Losing a loved one can cause emotional turmoil and financial hardship for family and friends. With grievance in mind, it can be hard to know where to turn. It is important to have a trusted, compassionate Personal Injury attorney to guide you and your family through the process of filing a claim.

If you or someone you know is suffering from the pain of wrongly losing a loved one, it is important to learn your legal options and find out what plan of action is best for you and your family. Learn more at: www.zanerhardenlaw.com.

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