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Male Pedestrians at Higher Risk of Death in Car Accidents

Male pedestrians may need to be much more careful while out walking on the streets, than females.  According to new research, males may be at a much higher risk of being killed in accidents while walking, compared to females.   The study was conducted by researchers at the West Virginia University School of Public Health, […]

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Industry Study Indicates an Increase in Distracted Driving and Cell Phone Use

A new study released by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers suggests that levels of distractions behind the wheel among American motorists are much higher than feared.   The study is the first such report released by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, which is the auto industry’s trade association.  The group represents several auto companies, and […]

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Study Finds Bicyclists at Risk for Maxillofacial Fractures

  Maxillofacial injuries are injuries to the face or jaw, and are typically caused by heavy physical trauma.  These injuries can cause potential long-term disfigurement, or disability.  A new study finds that young males as well as persons injured in bicycle accidents may be at a higher risk of suffering maxillofacial fractures.   The study […]

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Dog Bite Treatment

When and When Not to Go to the Doctor Dogs are remarkable animals, possessing keen intelligence and an unparalleled devotion to humans. As wonderful as dogs are, however, at certain times they present a significant danger to people. Dogs bite over 4 million people a year in the United States alone. In the end, they […]

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Can a Card Board Bicycle Helmet Protect Better Than A Conventional Helmet?

An innovative new bicycle helmet design makes use of cardboard in place of the conventional material that makes up the inner lining of a bicycle helmet.   This cardboard helmet design has been found to meet or exceed the standards of European bicycle helmet safety laws.  The helmet will soon be produced in Europe, and […]

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Wrongful Death on the Ski Slopes of Colorado

Colorado is a favored ski state for people all over the world. Skiers of all levels head to these slopes to experience fun in the snow. Most of the time, skiing is simply fun.   A person may stumble a bit and pick up a few bruises, but since skiing is not a contact sport, […]

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Runway Truck Accident

Have you ever been navigating your car down one of the long grades that wind through the Colorado Rockies, and noticed an 18-wheeler in your rear-view mirror? While you worried about your own brakes on a downhill that lasts for miles, did you also wonder just how strong the brakes could be on a vehicle […]

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  Theft is a serious offense in the state of Colorado, and if you’ve been charged and arrested, you need an experienced team of Colorado criminal lawyers at your back, attorneys who are committed to protecting your legal rights in the face of grave charges.   You only get one opportunity to have your charges […]

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Pedestrian Accident Fatality Statistiscs

Pedestrian Accidents and Fatalities – A Nationwide Problem If you have ever been a pedestrian in a high traffic area, you know how harrowing an experience it can be.   When you are on foot, you notice how heavy, fast and dangerous cars actually are, and you develop a healthy respect for them and what […]

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Emergency Vehicle Accidents

From 1991 through 2000, which are the most recent years for which data is available concerning ambulance accidents, 300 fatal crashes involved occupied ambulances. Those accidents resulted in the deaths of 275 non-emergency personnel (pedestrians and occupants of other vehicles) and 82 ambulance occupants.   Over the past 40 years, progress has been made to […]

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