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Special Considerations for Rollover Accident Injury Cases


Any type of auto accident has the potential to result in very serious injuries. However, rollover accidents are uniquely dangerous. Rollovers account for a highly disproportionate share of all highway fatalities.


Further, rollover accidents also involve some special legal considerations. If you or a loved one has been injured in a rollover accident, please contact an experienced car accident attorney in Denver for immediate assistance.


The Data on Rollover Accidents

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The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) conducted a comprehensive study on the causes and consequences of highway rollover accidents. Unfortunately, the data paints a bleak picture.


Rollovers account for only a tiny percentage of all car accidents, yet nearly 30 percent of all highway fatalities occur as a result of vehicle rollovers. While it is good news that rollover accidents are relatively rare, the tremendous damage that they can cause is extremely unnerving.


The USDOT has found that the vast majority of rollover accidents, more than 9 out 10, occurred because the vehicle was ‘tripped’. Tripping refers to when a vehicle slides sideways, and then the tires stick into something, causing the vehicle to overturn.

Who Can Be Held Liable for a Colorado Rollover Accident?

When considering rollover accidents, it is especially important that every effort be made to ensure that all potential liable parties are identified.


This is critical for two reasons: first, in these types of accidents, multiple parties might bear some liability; and further, the damages sustained in rollover accidents are often particularly bad. When assessing liability, your lawyer will immediately look in the following three directions:


  • Other motorists: Drivers should always be held responsible for their negligence. In many cases, a rollover accident is initially triggered by the negligent actions of another motorist. For example, imagine that you were travelling on U.S. Route 285, just outside of Denver, when another car swerved into your lane and made contact with your vehicle. This could cause your vehicle to slide and rollover. That driver must be held liable for triggering that accident
  • Vehicle manufacturers: Vehicle and auto parts manufacturers may bear liability for a rollover accident. There are several different factors to consider here, but ultimately, if a manufacturing defect led to you suffering damage, the responsible company must be held liable. A company can be held liable for a defect if it caused a rollover or if it contributed to making the rollover accident worse. For example, it should not be easy for a vehicle to rollover. If your vehicle was involved in what should have been a minor accident, but then your vehicle suddenly flipped over, the manufacturer may potentially bear some liability for creating the additional risk.
  • Hazards on the road: Finally, it is also important to consider any road hazards that may have led to the rollover accident. Colorado drivers have the fair expectation that the highways will be kept in reasonably safe condition. In some cases, a government entity or one of their highway contractors might be liable for a rollover accident. For example, this could be an issue in a single vehicle accident in which a rollover was caused by a road defect or a damaged guardrail.


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