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Denver Recreational Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Denver Recreational Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Accidents involving recreational vehicles in Denver, Colorado, can cause catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths. The size and weight of these vehicles can make them dangerous in a traffic accident. Accident victims may experience significant pain and suffering, in addition to substantial financial losses. 

Our Denver personal injury lawyers have decades of experience handling accident claims. We have a successful track record of winning cases for our clients. Our law firm has recovered millions of dollars in jury verdicts and settlements for our clients. 

At Zaner Harden Law, we have the experience and skills to handle complex personal injury claims, such as recreational vehicle accident cases. We do not shy away from difficult cases. Instead, we devote the full resources of our law firm to every case we take on.

We are here to help you receive the money you deserve for a recreational vehicle accident. Contact Zaner Harden Law at (720) 613-9706 to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Denver recreational vehicle accident lawyers. 

How Zaner Harden Law Can Help You With a Recreational Vehicle Accident Claim in Denver

How Zaner Harden Law Can Help You With a Recreational Vehicle Accident Claim in Denver

Regardless of whether you were involved in a collision with a recreational vehicle or are the owner of one yourself, you need sound legal advice as soon as possible. An RV accident claim may involve several parties and numerous complex legal issues. 

Our Denver personal injury lawyers are recognized as leaders in personal injury law. We have appeared in numerous media outlets, including World News Tonight, Good Morning America, and the Denver Post. Our lawyers have received rewards and top honors from leading legal organizations, including The National Trial Lawyers, Super Lawyers, U.S. News Best Lawyers, and TopVerdict.

When you hire our top-rated accident attorneys in Denver, you can trust we will:

  • Investigate the recreational vehicle accident to determine how the crash occurred and who is responsible 
  • Gather evidence from the accident scene and other sources, including working with leading experts in their fields
  • Monitor accident investigations to obtain copies of reports and evidence gathered by the police
  • Prepare and file insurance claims and deal with the insurance company for you
  • Determine how much your recreational vehicle accident claim is worth based on your damages
  • Aggressively negotiate with the liable parties for maximum compensation for settlement
  • Argue your case before a jury in court if necessary 

Call now for your free case evaluation with an experienced recreational vehicle accident lawyer in Denver, CO. We are ready to help you hold the negligent party who caused your accident accountable for the damages they caused.

What Is a Recreational Vehicle in Denver, CO?

A recreational vehicle or RV is not intended for use as a residence. Instead, it is a motor vehicle for sleeping and living when camping, traveling, or participating in recreational activities. 

FEMA defines recreational vehicles as:

  • Having a single chassis;
  • Designed to be permanently towable for a light-duty truck or self-proposed;
  • Being at least 400 square feet or less when the measurement is taken at the largest horizontal projection; and, 
  • Designed for temporary living quarters for travel, camping, seasonal use, and recreation. 

Common examples of RVs in Colorado include motorhomes, fifth-wheel campers, pop-ups, caravan trailers, and toy haulers. Because Colorado is a popular travel destination, you are likely to encounter RVs on the road throughout the year.

Common Causes of Recreational Vehicle Accidents in Denver, CO

As with other motor vehicle accidents, RV accidents are often the result of a person’s negligence or carelessness. Examples of factors that can lead to a recreational vehicle accident in Denver include:

  • Inexperienced RV drivers and operators
  • Distracted driving
  • Tire blowouts
  • Items falling from the RV
  • Failing to follow Colorado traffic laws
  • Overloading a recreational vehicle
  • Reckless driving
  • Speeding
  • Driving under the influence 
  • Failing to repair and maintain the RV in good condition
  • Drowsy and fatigued driving

In addition to operator and driver negligence, other factors could contribute to the cause of an RV accident. For instance, defective RVs and RV parts could contribute to an RV accident. Third parties, including other drivers, could be partially to blame for a recreational vehicle accident.

Any party that contributed to the cause of the recreational vehicle accident can be held liable for damages. However, you must prove that the party owed you a duty of care and breached the duty of care. The breach of duty was the cause of the accident that resulted in your injuries.

What Damages Can I Receive for an RV Accident in Denver, DO?

Damages are the remedy the law provides accident victims to make them “whole” again after an accident or injury. Economic damages reimburse or compensate victims for expenses and financial losses incurred because of the recreational vehicle accident. Examples of economic damages in an RV accident case include:

  • Out-of-pocket expenses 
  • Lost wages and decreases in earning capacity
  • Property damage
  • The cost of medical treatment, including rehabilitative therapies
  • Household services and personal care
  • In-home and long-term nursing care

The value of economic damages is the total of the financial losses you’ve incurred. You could be entitled to future damages if you sustain a permanent impairment. We often consult with financial professionals, medical specialists, and other experts to determine the value of future damages.

You may also receive compensation for your non-economic damages. These damages represent the suffering and pain you experience as a result of the recreational vehicle accident. Examples of non-economic damages in a recreational vehicle accident case include:

  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Physical pain
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Emotional distress
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Mental anguish
  • Impairments and disabilities

It can be challenging to value non-economic damages because they are subjective. Two victims can suffer differently even though they sustain the same injuries.

Our Denver recreational vehicle accident lawyers have extensive experience documenting and valuing damages. We understand how to maximize the value of damages to put as much money as possible in your pocket. 

Can I Recover Compensation for a Recreational Accident if I’m Partially To Blame for Causing the Accident?

A tactic used by insurance companies to avoid liability is blame shifting. They blame the accident victim for causing their injuries or contributing to the cause of the accident. A successful attempt to blame the victim could significantly reduce the compensation the victim receives for damages.

Colorado uses a modified comparative negligence standard to address contributory fault. If you are more than 49% to blame for a recreational vehicle accident, you are barred from recovering compensation for your damages. However, if your fault is less than 50 percent, you may receive some of your damages, but the amount is reduced by your percentage of fault.

For example, suppose a jury awards you $1 million for a recreational vehicle accident claim. However, the jurors decide you are 25% to blame for the cause of the RV accident. In that case, you would receive $750,000 instead of the full amount because it is reduced by your percentage of fault for the crash.

Insurance adjusters may try to trick you into saying something that implies fault. They may twist your words and intentionally misconstrue your statements to allege fault. It is best to refer all calls and communication about the accident to one of our Denver recreational vehicle accident attorneys.

What Is the Deadline for Filing a Recreational Vehicle Accident Claim in Denver, DO?

A statute of limitations restricts your time to file a claim or lawsuit. Failing to file a lawsuit before the time expires can result in losing your legal right to pursue a claim. The court can dismiss a lawsuit filed after the deadline in the statute of limitations. 

Colorado’s statute of limitations for many personal injury claims is two years from the injury date. However, that deadline is extended to three years for motor vehicle accidents. 

Exceptions to the statute of limitations and factors in your case can change the filing deadline for claims and lawsuits. Therefore, never assume you have plenty of time to file a recreational vehicle accident claim. It is best to seek legal advice from an attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights and avoid missing deadlines. 

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Denver Recreational Vehicle Accident Attorney?

At Zaner Harden Law, our accident attorneys work for a contingency fee. We do not charge you a retainer fee when you hire our personal injury lawyers. We also do not charge you attorney’s fees by the hour.

Instead, our attorney’s fees are paid from the proceeds we recover for your case. We agree to accept a percentage of the settlement or jury verdict as payment for our legal services. Therefore, you pay no upfront fees to hire a personal injury lawyer in Denver with our firm to handle your RV accident case. 

Schedule a Free Consultation With Our Denver Recreational Vehicle Accident Lawyers 

The insurance companies and parties involved in the case are not interested in protecting your best interests. However, at Zaner Harden Law, your best interests, well-being, and legal rights are our top priorities. Call us today to request a free case review with one of our experienced Denver recreational vehicle accident attorneys. 

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